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Contact customer service
You would like get information about your current order, exchange a product or verify an invoice, in a timely fashion...? Get in touch with our Yves Rocher customer service department: email us at, specify the subject of your message and enter your contact details (name, address, customer number), we will process your request and respond quickly. You can also reach us by phone at our toll-free number 1-888-909-0771, Monday to Friday from 8h00 to 23h30 (EST) and Saturday from 8h00 to 20h00 (EST).

Beauty Advice
You wish to obtain additional advice on how to use a cream, a lotion, or our makeup products...?
Click Here, or send an email to and a cosmetician will answer your questions and will be able to recommend beauty products based on your needs.

Yves Rocher and Nature
Because for the last 50 years, nature has been the inspiration for his botanical beauty products, Yves Rocher puts the protection of nature and of the environment at the top of his list of priorities. If you want to know more about this constant commitment, click on the link and write us!

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