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Yves Rocher

From the first application of the serum, skin is moisturized continuously for 100h *, fresh and comfortable.

After 1 month, skin is plumped and radiant.

  • Skin type : All skin types.
  • Texture : Ultra-Fresh liquid.
  • Benefits : Skin hydration.

Whyedulis cellular water ?

Its triple moisturizing action will store water at the core of skin **, diffuse it to all layers of the epidermis and limit its evaporation for continuous hydration.

Results :

+40% - immediate hydration ***
+15% - hydration 100H after applying ***
92% - claim that their skin is comfortable ****
81% - claim that their skin is plumped ****

How to use :

Apply on entire face, morning and evening, alone or before your cream.

The recycling guide :

Put in the classic recycling bin the cardboard boxes and the wedges.
Put the bottle with its pump and cap on it in the glass recycling bin.
Good to know : the sorting centers will separate the elements without problem.

* Clinical study, 12 cases, after one application, 100H result after one application
** In vitro tests
*** Objective clinical study using corneometry carried out on 12 subjects after 1 application
**** Objective clinical study carried out on 23 subjects

Format : Pump Bottle

Reference: 57732

Botanical ingredient
Continuously hydrates demanding skin
Our researchers in Plant-Based Cosmetics have selected Edulis for its ability to capture and retain water in its leaves. Its exclusive extract, Edulis Cellular Water, a hydration activator, helps to: store* water in every skin layer, repeatedly locking* and releasing* it for continuous hydration. *In vitro tests - Patent registered in France



To find out more about our commitments and our formulation, please go to #WeTellYouEverything

* Ingredients from natural origin
* Synthetic ingredients

Frequently asked questions
How often should I use this serum ?
The serum should be used every day in the morning and evening as part of your moisturizing routine: Serum, Cream, Eye Contour.
What does "100 hours of hydration" mean? Does that mean it only needs to be applied once every 4 days?
We have shown an 15% increase in skin hydration 100 hours after a single application (objective clinical study using corneometry carried out on 12 subjects). Daily application, on the other hand, activates the skin's internal water source for long-term hydration.
What does "triple moisturizing action" mean?
The triple moisturizing action of Edulis means that the water will be stored deep within the skin, diffusing it to each layer of the epidermis and limiting its evaporation for continuous moisturization.
Do I need to appy a moisturizing cream after this serum or can it be used on its own?
For a complete routine and greater comfort for your skin, we recommend applying a cream after the serum.
Can this serum be used on the neck, neckline, eye and lip areas?
This serum has been formulated for use on the face only. It is not recommended for use around the eyes, due to the fact that it contains fragrance.
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