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Yves Rocher

This routine contains: 

1. Ultra-fresh Radiance Scrub - Pure Algue: This scrub is formulated with Tetraselmis Micro-Alga with oxygenating properties* grown using responsible and sustainable agricultural practices off our Brittany coast.
Gently exfoliates, oxygenates and refreshes skin perfectly. It rids skin of dead cells and impurities while leaving it soft and radiant with a refreshing effect.
How to use: Apply on a damp face twice a week. Gently massage and rinse. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply on damaged or irritated skin.
2.5 fl.oz. / 75 ml Tube

2. Ultra-fresh Cleansing Gel - Pure Algue: This cleansing gel is formulated with Tetraselmis Micro-Alga with oxygenating properties*
Perfectly cleanses, oxygenates and refreshes skin.
Rids skin of impurities and traces of makeup.
Intended for normal to combination skin, which may feel tight, lacking in moisture or dull.
How to use: Apply morning and night on damp face. Gently massage and rinse. Avoid contact with eyes.
4.2 fl.oz. / 125ml eco-tube

3. 48H Non-Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream - Normal to combination skin: Immediately, skin is saturated with water. For 48 hours, it is continuously moisturized for plump skin and fresh complexion.
1.6 fl.oz / 50ml


*In vitro test on Tetraselmis Micro-Alga extract.


There's More To Skincare Than What Meets The Eye! 
Cleansing, check. Hydrating, check. What next? At Yves Rocher, our ehtos is to offer products that deliver the best for your skin. Our range of skincare products have been carefully formaulated to cater to various skin types & skin concerns. We are committed to sustainable & responsible business practices that's evident in each product that we make. Whether you seek effective eye creams to address fine lines or nourishing moisturizers to combat dry or dull skin - our collection has you covered. Delve into our extensive selection of gift sets and bath to share the gift of self-love with people that you cherish the most! 

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