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Yves Rocher

Big blue skies. Gentle salty breeze.

Travel to a place where blue skies meet the blue sea. Open the window. Contemplate the immensity of the ocean and the sparkling lights reflecting on the waves. Feel a fresh breeze caressing your skin with hints of salt. Absorb all the lightness this vision evokes.

The Solid perfume Sel d'Azur is a vibrant cedar splashed by the freshness of a zesty grapefruit.

  • Olfactive family : Fresh Citrus
  • Olfactive notes : Cedarwood - Grapefruit - Vetiver

How to use :

The solid format is a sensory and nomadic perfume gesture. We advise you to apply it on the pulse points alone or in addition to its eau de parfum for more intensity.

«A walk along the cliffs, in the shadow of pine trees, salty splashes and a zesty freshness. »

Marie SALAMAGNE, Perfumer.

Format : Box

Reference: 61972

Botanical ingredient
A vibrant cedar splashed by the freshness of a zesty grapefruit.

Sel d’azur is a fresh fragrance full of contrasts. The sparkling and tonic notes of italian citrus encounter a salty mist & a zesty grapefruit. A vibrant cedarwood brings power to the fragrance’s base.

A vibrant cedar splashed by the freshness of a zesty grapefruit.



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* Ingredients from natural origin
* Synthetic ingredients

Frequently asked questions
How should I use the solid perfume?
There are two ways to use solid perfume. You can use it on its own for a subtle scent, on-the-go or you can combine it with an eau de parfum for a more intense scent.
How to apply solid perfume?
The solid perfume is applied on pulse points, where the body generates the most heat. The most common places are inside the wrists, the hollows of the elbows, and behind the ears.
What is the advantage of solid perfume?
Solid perfume allows you to put on perfume in an elegant and sensory way at any time. Using your fingertips, apply a small amount of perfume, a delicate act that can be done in public without inconveniencing those around you. The botanical base (100% alcohol free) of the solid perfume is made of fatty substances, which allows the perfume to last longer.
Can I go out in the sun after applying the solid perfume?
The solid perfume is made of botanical wax and doesn’t contain any alcohol. Therefore, it's entirely possible to get out in the sun after applying this solid perfume.
It is possible to combine a solid perfume with an eau de parfum?
Of course. The association of a solid perfume with an eau de parfum allows to intensify the trail. You can associate it with the matching eau de parfum (for example: associate the solid perfume Sur La Lande with the eau de parfum Sur La Lande), or with an eau de parfum of a different scent to personalize your fragrance (for example: combine Sur La Lande solid perfume with Cuir De Nuit eau de parfum).
How do these products contribute to the respect of the planet?
The perfume box is sold by itself, it has no secondary packaging and no plastic (except for those that are going to be sent by mail, they are wrapped in a protective bubble bag). Its tinplate material makes it fully recyclable.
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