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Yves Rocher

The fresh antiperspirant with up to 48H* performance ensures effective protection against perspiration and bad odors. Composed of aluminium salts with proven effectiveness to limit perspiration, say goodbye to underarm moisture!

Thanks to its refreshing fragrance with aquatic notes and its formula with long-lasting anti-humidity action and enriched with Algae from Bretagne, this antiperspirant will leave you feeling comfortable and fresh all day long! 

-48H* anti perspirant effectiveness

-Invisible, doesn't leave any trace on clothing

-Non-sticky, dries quickly

Fragrance: a wave of freshness with aquatic notes that provide a refreshing sensation and immediate comfort

For whom?

This antiperspirant is suitable for all skin types

Dermatologically tested

Vegan formulation (formula without animal ingredients or derivatives).

Mostly recyclable packaging


91% of respondents say I am protected from moisture**

88% of respondents say the product has a long-lasting anti perspirant action**

96% of respondents say my skin is respected**

90% of respondents say the product provides a feeling of freshness**

86% of respondents say the product leaves no trace**

*Objectified clinical test on 23 volunteers

** Satisfaction test on 105 volunteers, 14  days

Format : Roll-on

Reference: 59158




To find out more about our commitments and our formulation, please go to #WeTellYouEverything

* Ingredients from natural origin
* Synthetic ingredients

Frequently asked questions
Are your formulas vegan?
Our antiperspirant formulas are vegan and therefore contain no ingredients or derivatives of animal origin.
Why is the use of aluminum salts in antiperspirants controversial?
Aluminum salts are suspected of having an effect on health. However, no significant study has been able to demonstrate a correlation between this ingredient and the onset of certain pathologies.
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