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Yves Rocher

Small format, big promises. Discover your favorite scents in this committed shower gel

  • Scent : Algae & Sea Fennel
  • Texture : Concentrated gel

Its concentrated formula reduces the consumption of water, plastic, and its carbon footprint, which contributes to the respect of the environment.

Its smooth and enveloping lather cleanses and perfumes the skin without dehydrating thanks to a sulfate-free* cleansing base.

As much showers as in a standard 400ml format and containing 2 times less plastic.

The scent :

The energizing sensations of the wild Brittany coast with a fresh and invigorating marine fragrance. Enriched with Algae from Brittany and Sea Fennel extracts.

This product exists in 8 scents.

Results :

98% - of people declare that skin balance is respected**
92% - of people declare that skin isn’t dry**
92% - of people are satisfied with these products**
89% - of people declare that texture is pleasant**

The recycling guide :

Put the bottle in the recycling bin with its cap on top.

Good to know: the caps will be separated in the recycling center and then shredded. Since 2020 our plastic bottles are 100% recycled & recyclable.

Each time you recycle your waste, you contribute to give it a second life.

*Sulfate-free surfactant
**Objective clinical study for 21 days on 83 cases. Mean scores.

Format : Bottle

Reference: 76439

Botanical ingredient
Wild Algae and Sea Fennel
The energizing sensations of the wild Brittany coast with a fresh and invigorating marine fragrance. Enriched with Algae from Brittany and Sea Fennel extracts.
Wild Algae and Sea Fennel



To find out more about our commitments and our formulation, please go to #WeTellYouEverything

* Ingredients from natural origin
* Synthetic ingredients

Frequently asked questions
Do you test on animals?
We do not test and have never been in favor of animal testing, neither on our finished products nor on the ingredients they contain. Indeed, the brand committed very early in the fight against animal testing . Since 1989, Yves Rocher decided, pionneer on the cosmetic market, to stop testing on animals for its finished products, and to replace by alternative methods.
Are body & hair oils and body lotions suitable for pregnant women ?
There are no contraindications for these products to be used by pregnant women. However, our position for the use of this product category by pregnant women is the following one: All of the ingredients of our formulas have been tested. Nevertheless, our products have not been developed nor tested for pregnant women. Our non-rinsed products (large surface of exposition and remanence) are to be avoided during pregnancy. We recommend using products specifically formulated for pregnant women. Note that the oil can be used on hair.
Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?
All products have been tested under dermatological supervision.
What is the difference between the bath and shower gel and the concentrated shower gel?
The particularity of the concentrated shower gel is its concentrated formula to reduce its environmental impact. Its production uses less water, its bottle being more compact, it requires less plastic. It also helps to reduce CO2 emissions by taking up less space in the trucks used to transport the products to our stores.
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