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Yves Rocher

Oily hair: what to do about it?

Does your hair get oily again too quickly? Does it feel uncomfortable? Discover how to reduce excess sebum production to get clean and light hair right from the root.

Why does my hair get oily so quickly? 

We usually talk about oily hair rather than pointing the finger at the real culprit, the scalp, where sebum is secreted, a natural lubricant that also serves to protect hair from external aggressors.
Although sebum secretion is natural and essential to the balance of the scalp, it is when it becomes disrupted that things get complicated. Excess sebum production, also called hyperseborrhea, will suffocate skin on your scalp and hair at its root. This usually leads to an imbalance of the scalp and a proliferation of bacteria that can weaken skin, resulting in greasy dandruff and itching.

yves rocher detox line model
Sebum: your best friend or your worst enemy?

Sebum acts like a shield for our hair. It forms part of the hydrolipidic film. Once spread across the scalp’s surface and the roots, it contributes to the skin’s barrier function of skin to protect against external aggressors, and helps to retain water and keep the scalp hydrated. By spreading over the hair fiber, it creates a shield and protects it from external aggressors and dehydration. As long as the natural sebum secretion mechanism is functioning normally, sebum will be your best friend for supple and shiny hair!

What are the causes?

There are various factors and causes of a greasy scalp and hair:
• Hormonal imbalance (puberty, stress, etc.)
• A hereditary factors
• Emotional trauma
• Taking certain medications
• Stress or anxiety
• Pollution (tobacco, microparticles, etc.)
• An excessive heat source
• A diet too rich in fats and sugars

Our experts’ advice

The key to preventing your hair from quickly becoming oily is to avoid overhandling or weighing it down.

Air dry your hair whenever possible. And avoid blow-drying and styling products that are too nourishing, which can cause your hair to become oily all too quickly.

The right steps to take to refresh your hair

To rid the scalp of excess sebum and impurities and restore your hair’s lightness and shine to your hair, it is essential to adopt a specific and complete care routine.

    If you have normal to oily hair, we recommend using a pre-shampoo care.
    Scrubbing will allow you to gentle exfoliate the area in order to eliminate impurities, your hair will feel fresh and light from the roots. While a Purifying Mask will help absorb excess sebum and purify your scalp.
    For oily scalps, we suggest using a gentle sulfate-free shampoo, as it gently washes hair, respects the balance of all scalps and preserves the hydrolipidic film of the scalp.
    Be careful not to rub the scalp too vigorously when shampooing. Instead, massage gently to avoid overstimulating the sebaceous glands.
yves rocher detox line
yves rocher detox line
    While the source of the problem is found at the scalp, you should not forget to gently take care of the rest of your hair when in the shower. In addition to your shampoo, it is highly recommended to apply a rinse-off care during your routine.A conditioner to detangle, nourish and restore the radiance of your hair without weighing it down.
    Or even a detoxifying rinsing lotion. This light liquid will help your hair restore its suppleness and shine.
    Do you use a dry shampoo? If not, you need to get your hands on one as soon as possible.
    It is the SOS step for oily scalps to stay fresher longer and space out how often you wash your hair. Choosea dry shampoo with a purifying active ingredient.
    Fine hair that tends to get oily is known to absorb odors. There are more and more fragrances and refreshing mists that can instantly and durably rid your hair of unpleasant odors.
    Your new best friend for refreshed hair at any time of the day.
The purifying power of Organic Ocean Algae

Thanks to their unique knowledge of the plant world, our Botanical Beauty® Researchers have selected a PURIFYING ORGANIC ALGAE FROM BRITTANY. It is also known as Neptune's Harpoon because of the hooks on its spiny branches, which allow it to cling to the hulls of boats.

This unique characteristic has allowed it to travel across oceans and our researchers have found it off the coast of Brittany, not far from the Ushant island in the Iroise Sea.

Its purifying action makes it effective in reducing excess sebum production. Once rid of excess sebum and impurities, the scalp is purified and hair feels light and looks shiny.

yves rocher detox line
The PURE DETOX routine, the secret to purifying your scalp

Enriched with Organic Algae and inspired by the ocean, the PURE DETOX product line purifies and detoxifies the scalp and hair day after day. This way, hair gets oily less quickly and stays clean for 48 hours**.
A line of purifying products: shampoo, conditioner, exfoliating mask, rinsing vinegar, detoxifying mist and dry shampoo.

*Instrumental test
**Result obtained on the shampoo, objective clinical test on 14 volunteers


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