My easy eco-friendly tips

Who said that changing your habits for a more sustainable lifestyle has to be restricting?


1- Energizing Mornings

As you wake up, start your day with a good dose of energy! Choose seasonal and organic fresh fruits: a mix of flavors, scents and colors to make it a richer, happier and more flavorful day.  Moreover, they are rich in antioxidants, your skin will thank you!


2- Hair blowing in the Wind


What better way to keep the momentum going and get a boost of vitamin D than by getting a big gulp of fresh air and soaking up some sun? Jump on your bike; let the wind play with your hair all the way to work. A sure way to feel lighter right away: there’s next to no impact on the environment and you’ll get to show off your toned thighs!


3- Coffee Break

Choose a cute and colorful mug when taking a coffee break with colleagues. For starters, it adds a cheerful touch to your desk but more importantly, it's reusable! And when we think about all the coffee and tea we drink all year long...


4- Natural Flavor

On your way home, pick up a basket of local and organic fruits and vegetables for your suppers that week. Several options: organic grocery stores, local markets, cooperatives... You will undoubtedly find something near you. Tastier and healthier meals for you but also better for the planet!  


5- Less is more

Time for a change? How about a decluttering session? Getting rid of a few objects and pieces of clothing from time to time will do you some good! Donating will always make someone happy; or recycling to give them a second life. There are so many DIY tutorials online, it would be impossible not to find a great one!

What about you? What are your good habits for a healthier, more relaxed and sustainable lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below! 


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