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Yves Rocher

Our Ingredient Glossary

Want to know absolutely everything there is to know about our products? It’s possible! Check out the Ingredient Glossary!

During your daily skincare routine, you ask yourself what makes your moisturizer so effective yet feel so good on your skin. It’s the formula, of course! You turn over your product and read the ingredient list, but you likely don’t know them all: some seem familiar to you, while others have super complicated names!

Let’s figure it all out with the ingredient glossary!

In order to be transparent, Yves Rocher has striven to be as clear as possible on the composition of its products over the past few years. Each ingredient in each product is selected with the utmost care. The goal of the glossary is to catalogue all the ingredients that compose our formulas and explain their purpose.

In the composition list of each product, natural ingredients are written in green and the safe synthetic ingredients, which guarantee the safe preservation of your products, are listed in brown.

When no natural alternative is possible, the use of synthetic ingredients is necessary to ensure the effectiveness, safety and pleasant texture of our products.

The synthetic ingredients that we use are all compliant with and authorized by European Regulations and evaluated by the Raw Material Department. A rigorous selection process is carried out based on essential criteria: origin, traceability, impact on the environment (biodegradability/ecotoxicity), and safety for skin.

We have banned the use of 300 ingredients, in addition to the 1300 that have already been prohibited by European Regulations. This requirement is based on our brand commitments and a safety evaluation of the ingredients, regularly updated by our scientists.

Just as with ingredients from natural origin, which make up 81% of the Raw Material made available to our formulators, we validate the safety of our synthetic ingredients to the very end of product development. This ensures that our formulas can be properly tolerated through a series of tests before putting our finished products on the market.

It’s only when they successfully pass all these tests that we consider these synthetic ingredients safe.

Let’s use the 48H Non-Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream from the Hydra Vegetal product line as an example!

When you visit a product page, you will see a tab for the product description and another for the ingredient list. Below that, you’ll discover a space reserved for a focus on the main botanical ingredient, and in this case, it’s the Edulis cellular water, which is renowned for its ability to capture water and retain it in its leaves.

We developed a formulation that guarantees the Gel Cream is effective, pleasant to apply thanks to its texture, and safely preservable.  

With the exception of face care, formulation information can be found in the ingredient glossary.

After reading the ingredient list, you’ll be able to find details about each ingredient in the glossary.

By clicking on the glossary, you’ll be taken to the ingredient catalogue for all of our products. There are thousands. Find out more about our plants, preservatives, and other stabilizing agents. Search two ways: by sorting alphabetically or using the search bar at the top of the glossary!


You’ll then be able to learn everything there is to know about the purpose of both our natural and synthetic ingredients.

Nothing is left to chance!

What are your thoughts on the ingredient glossary? Tell us in comments!


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