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Yves Rocher

Discover Bain de Nature

A new range of bath and body products with fragrances inspired by nature.

A new range and some new products

Products that are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin. All our formulas are sulfate* and silicone free. They don't stop there however, and are back in new packaging made of recycled and recyclable plastic.

The entire collection is available in several irresistible fragrances:

  • Three new scents inspired by the nature found in Brittany: Wild Algae, OAT & Buckwheat and Meadow Flower & Heather.
  • The energizing essentials: Pomegranate & Pink Peppercorn, Raspberry & Peppermint, or Lemon & Basil.
  • The relaxing scents: Olive & Petit Grain, Magnolia & White Tea.
  • Scents that transport you: Bourbon Vanilla, Coconut and Mango & Cilantro. Finally, the Argan & Rose Petals offer oriental notes inspired by the hammam spa and wonderfully comforting Coffee Beans.

*sulfonated surfactant-free

A sensorial moment in the shower

Let's take a look at our generously foaming and enveloping shower gels, which do not dry out your skin thanks to their sulphate-free cleansing base. It's up to you to choose the format that suits you and the scent that makes you swoon:

  • The 400 ml Shower gel and its 11 addictive fragrances. A 98% biodegradable formula that is Vegan** and without artificial colors.
  • A 100 ml format that is as practical as it is long-lasting with the Concentrated Shower Gel in 7 variations. Its formula reduces water and plastic consumption as well as your carbon footprint. For every concentrated shower gel bought, the Yves Rocher Foundation plants 1 tree.
  • If you are a fan of solid shower products, we recommend the Palm Oil-free Soap. There are 8 fragrances to choose from. Its advantage: it does not dry out the skin, is 99% biodegradable and Vegan**.

**Does not contain any animal by-products

Let's take a look at our scrubs for gentle exfoliation thanks to their 100% plant-based exfoliating particles. Three textures, 5 fragrances: A melt-in gel texture that is deliciously scented with raspberry or wild algae. A creamy texture rich in coconut or Meadow Flower. An Argan oil texture with rose petals.

And what if we prolonged this pleasant moment of self-care?

This explosion of nature extends to your moisturizing routine:

If you're a fan of melt-in textures, you will love the Body Lotion and its 9 scents. Its 98% natural, paraben-free and vegan** formula is not sticky and does not leave a greasy finish.

One for your bathroom, the Liquid hand soap is available in 8 scents. Its generous foam cleanses and scents the skin without drying it out.

**No ingredients derived from animals

Products to take with you on the go

Have you fell for one of the fragrances in the range? Spray yourself after your shower or throughout the day with one of our 8 scented body and hair mists.

The no-rinse hand sanitizer is available in 6 scents. Its formula is made with 98% naturally-sourced ingredients and composed of 55% botanical alcohol as well as botanical glycerin.

A must-have product, the silicone and artificial color-free hand cream leaves your skin moisturized and lightly scented with one of 9 fragrances from the Bain de Nature collection.

Delicious lip balms with addictive scents are also available to slide into your bag. Tinted or not, the choice is yours.


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