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Yves Rocher
Our new pricing policy is here

By bringing you an experience refocused on our botanical expertise rather than promotional clutter, we're going back to our roots and fully reconnecting with who we are.

The equation is quite straightforward: natural botanical ingredients of proven effectiveness and a new, simplified pricing policy to provide you with natural, eco-friendly beauty.

Our revised prices are now soft and sustainable. Here's what lies behind these new prices:

The genius of plants not artificial molecules
Rather than relying on expensive artificial ingredients, we handpick plants with powerful, natural properties and decipher their adaptation mechanisms, morphology and phyto-molecular composition. A true open-air laboratory.
La Gacilly far from expensive New York laboratories
The cradle of our products is La Gacilly, where they are imagined and designed. We experiment with positive-impact farming practices, spread across 60 hectares of organic fields, which limits our consumption of natural resources while simultaneously regenerating the soil and biodiversity.
No middleman to inflate our prices
We harness the power of nature to bring it to you, directly from the plant to your skin, without any intermediaries. We are botanists, harvesters, manufacturers and retailers combined, basing the creation of our cosmetics on an entire local ecosystem that positively impacts the community and the environment.
Spotlight on our plants
No expensive supermodel is standing behind our products’ price tags, only plants with the most powerful phyto-active properties to preserve, protect or strengthen your skin.
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