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Yves Rocher

Enriched with Organic Jojoba Oil and silicone free, the leave-in melting multi-purpose botanical balm regenerates the fiber. Hair is intensely nourished and repaired to the ends, softer and more supple.

  • Hair type : Dry & damaged hair
  • Texture : Ultra-melting balm
  • Benefits : 30x stronger hair *


On damp hair: Nourishes and makes styling easier.
On dry hair: Provides softness and frizz control.
As a night care: Intensely repairs for 8h *

Results :

88% - My hair is instantly nourished **
88% - My hair is soft **
84% - My frizz are under control **
84% - The product makes styling easier **

How to use :

Apply a dab of balm on the lengths and ends. Do not rinse.

The recycling guide :
Put the tube in the recycling bin with its cap on.

* Instrumental tests on dry hair
** Satisfaction survey carried out on 25 subjects

Format : Tube

Reference: 76774

Botanical ingredient

Organic Jojoba Oil

Intensely nourishes dry and brittle hair

The jojoba is a dioecious tree: some trees produce only male flowers, while others produce only female flowers. Because of this, the plantations are managed intelligently: they are comprised of around 5% male trees and 95% female trees, with the former being arranged in such a way that the wind alone can ensure the entire plantation is pollinated!

Jojoba seeds are harvested once they fall to the ground and are composed of more than 60% liquid wax, which is commonly called jojoba oil. This oil is extracted through a cold-pressing process without any solvents, which helps preserve the integrity of its properties.

 Jojoba is a small shrub that grows in desert climates. In order to survive, it must concentrate as much energy as possible into its seeds, because when there’s the slightest outside stimulus, like rain, it must start germinating and grow into a new plant. This stored energy is contained in a liquid wax commonly known as jojoba oil, which is rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. This vital oil for the plant is called "desert gold." It is also vital for damaged hair because it has restorative powers on the hair fiber.

Organic Jojoba Oil



To find out more about our commitments and our formulation, please go to #WeTellYouEverything

* Ingredients from natural origin
* Synthetic ingredients

Frequently asked questions
Why are these balms considered "botanical" ?
These balms are considered “botanical” as they firmly stand by the commitments of the category and the brand in terms of formula. They contain between 97% and 98% ingredients from natural origin, including organic Jojoba Oil from responsible suppliers or organic Coconut Oil from responsible and fair-trade suppliers. They are also silicone-free for hair to feel natural to the touch.
Do I need to rinse my hair after using the balm?
No. Each Botanical Balm is specially made for a specific hair type. Their ultra-melting textures are formulated to be easily absorbed by the hair fiber and they don’t leave stains on your pillow if you use them as a night care. The Light Botanical Balm has a lighter texture to prevent making fine hair greasy or weighed it down, whereas the Rich Botanical Balm texture is suited to curly/coily hair fiber. Your hair should not feel greasy so there is no reason to rinse or wash it out. Just style your hair as usual. However, if you apply too much product on your hair and it is not able to absorb it all, you can simply wash your hair the next morning.
Do I really need to leave the botanical balm on for 8 hours when used as overnight care?
The Botanical Balms are leave-in hair care products that can be applied and left on to work overnight. In this case, the point is to leave the product on your hair while you sleep. For optimal effectiveness, leave the product on while you sleep to deeply repair and nourish your hair.
Which balm should I use for dry, fine hair ?
If your hair is fine, dry and damaged, you can use the Light Botanical Balm. Its light texture enriched with Avocado oil, with lipid-replenishing power, will penetrate quickly without weighing hair down. Always apply the product sparingly to the lengths and ends only. If your hair is fine and gets greasy quickly, use the Light Botanical Balm directly on your damp lengths.

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