Acne-prone skin

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Moisturizer for acne prone skin

The secret to a fresh, shine-free glow and perfect skin texture? The Yves Rocher research division has developed an expert skin care line that rebalances skin to reduce the appearance of imperfections while being gentle on skin. For the SEBO PURE VEGETAL line, our researchers have combined Boreal Tea with small Wintergreen. The leaves of the small Wintergreen shrub are used as an infusion in traditional medicine for their purifying properties. The leaves are harvested by hand throughout the year and distilled to extract Salicylic Acid. On skin, this ingredient 100% from botanical origin is known for its purifying properties. We set ourselves apart from the rest of the cosmetics market, which mostly uses synthetic Salicylic Acid, by using Salicylic Acid 100% from botanical origin in the SEBO PURE VEGETAL line. This combination of Boreal Tea powder and Salicylic Acid helps to restore a fresh complexion, and visibly cleaner and heathier-looking skin. This combination of ingredients, unique on the market, respects skin and the plant according to our Botanical Beauty values and our Act Beautiful signature. >> See the SEBO PURE VÉGÉTAL line >>
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