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Yves Rocher

Hydration: answers to your questions!

We all know that beautiful skin is a well moisturized skin. OK, but when? How? Why?

I’m a little confused between dry skin and dehydrated skin. What's the difference?

It's easy. Dry skin is a type of skin, which you will have for the rest of your life, and dehydrated skin is a condition your skin is in at a given time. Whether you have naturally dry, combination, normal or oily skin, external factors like cold, wind, and sun can dry it out.

My skin is naturally oily. Do I really need to moisturize it?

Yes! Oily skin must be hydrated. When you wash your face to get rid of the oils, it usually weakens the hydrolipidic film and your skin loses its ability to retain water, which causes discomfort and tightness.

hydration yves rocher

Why do you have to moisturize before putting on makeup?

Moisturized skin means a radiant complexion and no more redness or tightness – plus it's the best base layer for setting your makeup, from foundation to eye shadow.

Your skin will actually be more hydrated if you drink more water.

Drinking 1.5 liters (6 glasses) of water a day will hydrate your skin from the inside. Water helps repair cells and make your skin supple, radiant, and firm. Our bodies are made of 60% water and cells are saturated with it, so we need it to live.


hydration yves rocher

I love exfoliating and I do it regularly. But can’t it dry out my skin?

Yes, which is why you shouldn’t overdo it and choose a gentle scrub for your face. The Konjac Sponge is a good alternative to if you want to cleanse your skin, even sensitive skin, without irritating it. Exfoliating rids skin of dead cells and destructures the hydrolipidic film. Over time, it breaks down the cutaneous barrier to the point where it is less effective at regulating and that leads to water loss..

When is the best time to moisturize my skin. Morning or night?

Morning AND night. It is after the shower or bath, when the outer layer of the skin has softened, that the skin can easily absorb the moisturizing products and the ingredients are most effective.

Does skin need more moisture the more you moisturize it?

No, your skin doesn't get used to hydration, just to the comfortable feeling of being moisturized. Once you get used to moisturizing your skin, it’s hard to do without the suppleness and softness that skincare products provide.


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