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Yves Rocher

Follow the flawless complexion routine!

We all want a flawless complexion all day long. Learn all the tricks for erasing dark circles, covering up blemishes and dark patches, and evening out your complexion.


Prep your skin 

Apply your day cream and then put on the Flawless Finish Foundation Primer. It’s your best ally when it comes to having your makeup last all day AND letting your skin breathe.


Conceal imperfections

Apply Flawless Skin Concealer with the Corrector Brush by dabbing lightly and tapping it onto your dark circles and blemishes.

Make your eyes look brighter by using the Radiant Youth Corrector Pen above the eyebrows, in the inner corner of your eyes, and on your dark circles. 



Even out your complexion

Get the foundation that matches your skin type and put the right amount on the back of your hand. Then use a Universal Foundation Brush to apply it, starting from the middle of your face moving outward. Repeat until you achieve the desired coverage. 


Enhance your complexion

For a picture-perfect complexion, apply the Flawless Skin Powder to your whole face. It has an ultrafine texture that mattifies and evens out your complexion to give you a healthy glow. If you are going for a tanned look, you should get the Bronzing Powder Duo for a naturally sun-kissed tone.



Blush with utter delight!

With a single brush stroke across the cheeks, intensify your healthy glow and look by choosing an elegant blush like Fuchsia Pink, Poppy Pink or the more subtle Peach Pink.

So, are you happy with your flawless complexion? Show us how it turned out!


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