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Yves Rocher

Who are we?


We were born from a love story between Mr. Yves Rocher and the Breton nature, its coasts, its moors, its forests and its fields.

Pioneers of botanical cosmetics, we reveal the power of plants, for the well-being of all, in an approach that respects nature and its biodiversity.

For more than 60 years, we have been botanists, harvesters, manufacturers and resellers of care products, colors and fragrances. To make the best of nature accessible to all. From our plants to your skin. Period. "




The birth
of a nature

Yves Rocher was born in the small village of La Gacilly, in Brittany. At the age of 14, as a result of the death of his father, he took refuge in the woods where he found solace. At this moment, Yves Rocher realized that nature has a positive impact on our well-being. He then decided to make a hand-made cream from lesser celandine in his attic. This was the beginning of botanical beauty.


Creation of
the Brand

From his family home, Yves Rocher created his own laboratory. With mail order, he succeeded in bringing naturally committed skincare products directly to millions of women, without intermediaries. Accessible products distributed all over France.


The icon that
crosses the ages

Launch of "Riche Crème Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream”
With its precious oils and its thousand roses oil, it didn't take long for our anti-aging product to become a hit. 50 years later, our Riche Crème line became iconic to millions of women with 1 product sold every 5 seconds around the world.


Creation of the
Botanical Garden
in La Gacilly

A real open-air laboratory imagined by Mr. Yves Rocher. 1500 plant species are preserved and studied by our experts. Member of the BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International), the Yves Rocher Botanical Garden is part of an international network for the transfer of knowledge and savoir-faire.


From our plants
to your skin

We become botanists, harvesters, manufacturers and retailers. A complete value chain with no middlemen, which allows us to control each step of the manufacturing process for a reduced environmental impact and a perfect traceability, from our fields to your skin.

read more from 1989 to 2006



End of
testing on animals

15 years before the European regulation,
we were pioneers in the beauty industry when we decided to stop animal testing. Three years later, we were awarded the gold medal by the SPA (Society for Animal Protection).

Yves-Rocher Foundation


of the Yves Rocher Foundation

"Driven by his father's vision, Jacques Rocher created the Yves Rocher Foundation, committed to biodiversity. In 2001, the first edition of the Terre des Femmes prize is held to support exceptional women committed to protecting our planet. In 2019, the Foundation is recognized of public utility a true recognition of its 25 years of actions on the field. "


Our fields
are certified organic 

Our 60 hectares of fields are organically farmed in La Gacilly, in Brittany, where we grow our 9 signature plants: Cornflower, Calendula, Mint, Chamomile Matricaria, Roman Chamomile, Edulis, Nasturtium, Arnica, Ice Plant. 


Inauguration of
the La Gacilly Photo Festival

A committed and immersive photographic experience in the heart of thirty open-air galleries, presenting the best of contemporary photography that questions our relationship to the world and to nature. An event accessible to all, free of charge.


Bye bye
plastic bags

10 years before the European law, we stopped the use of plastic bags in our stores.


2017-Tomorrow : Acceleration of our commitments


Launch of
the 1st concentrated shower gel.

A major innovation, thanks to a concentrated formula in a 100ml bottle for as many showers as a 400ml: two times less plastic, two times less CO2.


1st international group to
become a company with a Mission.

This strong commitment underlines our desire to make the company's social mission as important as its economic activities. Our mission? "Reconnecting women and men to nature" and acting in the service of the common good.

Stamps 100% recycled & recyclable* plastic


100% recycled and recyclable
plastic bottles*

Our bottles are made of 100% recycled & recyclable* plastic, allowing us to avoid approximately 2600 tons of virgin plastic per year**. *With the exception of our solvents, caps and pumps. ** according to our 2021 forecasts


100 million trees planted,
and it’s only the beginning!

With its Plant For Life program and thanks to its close collaboration with 48 NGOs and associations working on the field, the Yves Rocher Foundation is working tirelessly to preserve biodiversity around the world (1 tree planted every 3 seconds, 1 million people involved in 35 countries).

Stamps UEBT certification


First French
brand to obtain
UEBT certification

As part of our commitment to organic farming for over 20 years, our emblematic plants from La Gacilly are now UEBT (Union for Ethical Biotrade) certified. A new step in our sustainable supply approach.



Launch of our Green Heroes, our 100% solid and vegan cosmetics with organic extracts from La Gacilly for a plastic-free beauty.

By 2025

On our way
to B Corp

To go even further, we have the ambition to become a certified B Corporation. More than a certification, it is a vision for our common future, where companies have a real role to play for companies and citizens, to not be the best company IN the world but the best company FOR the world. Companies that achieve this certification are assessed on all of their activities: their positive impact on corporate governance, employer-employee relations, the environment and the products and services they provide.

Stamps 100% recycled & recyclable* plastic

By 2030

More nature
and less plastic.

We are aiming for -30% plastic* and 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. 

*compared to our 2019 production in g/ml of product.  


For over 60 years, we have been botanists, harvesters, manufacturers and retailers.

The advantage of doing everything ourselves is that our value chain is under control, our environmental impact is therefor limited and we are working to reduce it even more every day.

The quality of our products is guaranteed at the fairest prices for you.

move inside image


In the heart of Brittany, our native village, a unique place in perpetual development where our experts, botanists, scientists, and nature lovers are committed to working for the environment.

More than an anchor, it is the incarnation of our vision. Driven by a love of nature, our experts study plants in our botanical garden, a large open-air laboratory, cultivate the soil in organic farming and distill our plants in our botanical water workshop to bring the best natural ingredients to your skin.

It is also here that our products are manufactured in a responsible manner on our production sites classified as LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) refuges.

Beyond our products, a unique approach to well-being, to take care of yourself while contributing to the respect of nature.

Gastronomy is reinvented with organic and local ingredients, and artists express their love for nature.



Our Botanical Garden: an open-air laboratory, 1500 species studied for a perfect knowledge of plants.


Our 60 hectares of organic and UEBT certified fields, cultivated in agroecology for the respect of natural resources and biodiversity.


93% of our products are manufactured in Bretagne in our 3 local factories.


Mastering our distribution system: 2069 stores and 250 000 social sellers worldwide.

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