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Yves Rocher

Make-up fixing, comfort and care in a light and soft mist composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin.

The finishing touch to your makeup routine! The setting spray improves makeup hold and leaves the skin fresh and protected from external aggressions. Thanks to a soft and diffused spray, the mist is evenly diffused on the face without leaving any traces. It leaves a sensation of freshness on the skin with a natural luminous finish after drying.

Beyond the makeup benefits, our fixing mist also takes care of the skin by protecting it from pollution and the harmful effects of blue light. The Setting spray is enriched with Aphloïa from Madagascar, an emblematic botanical active ingredient at Yves Rocher, which helps protect the skin from external aggressions. Fresh makeup all day or all night long!

The formula is vegan*, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

Its + : A light, ultra-fine spray that melts immediately onto the skin. It gently sets makeup without leaving any traces and without any sticky effect. In a few sprays, the mist leaves an imperceptible veil that instantly refreshes the skin. The make-up is illuminated with a natural finish. Makeup hold is improved while comforting and letting the skin breathe!

How to use : No more makeup that doesn't last! Day or night makeup? Shake the Setting spray and hold it 15-20cm from the face and spray with your eyes closed in a circle to boost the duration of your makeup while taking care of your skin by protecting it from blue light and pollution.

Beauty tip : during the day, you may need to refresh your makeup. The Setting spray is THE solution to instantly brighten and refresh your complexion in one quick and easy step! 

Expert makeup beauty tip : use the setting spray as a makeup base. Apply to the face before applying your face makeup or spray it on your brushes for a long-lasting hold of your shadows/powders.

* Formulated without animal derivatives

Format : Spray Bottle

Reference: 48289

Botanical ingredient
Repairs and gently protects skin
Our experts in Botanical Beauty have unlocked the genius of Apholia – life itself. This plant, native to the high plateaus of Madagascar, has been selected for its unparalleled restorative and protective abilities. Our experts have extracted and super-concentrated this molecule thanks to a 100% natural, exclusive, and innovative extraction process for the purpose of imparting all the potency of this plant into skin while still maintaining its integrity.



To find out more about our commitments and our formulation, please go to #WeTellYouEverything

* Ingredients from natural origin
* Synthetic ingredients

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