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Yves Rocher

The perfect gift idea to gift to a loved one or yourself!

At Yves Rocher, packaging is reduced to what is essential. We have been working for a long time to reduce our use of plastic.
For example, our concentrated shower gels make it possible, thanks to their formulation, to take as many showers with a small 100ml bottle as with a 400ml bottle. That’s 50%* less plastic per shower, with no less enjoyment.

This kit contains:

1. Lavender Concentrated Shower Gel: 100ml = 40 showers ! A concentrated formula for a committed product. It is also less product used every time you take a shower for the same beauty result. By using this product, you help respect the planet. In addition, its lavender fragrance leaves a pleasant and relaxing scent on your skin. (3.3 fl.oz. / 100 ml)
2. Gentle Shampoo Bar: This Gentle Solid Shampoo Bar gently washes hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Hair re-greases less quickly, it is softer and more supple. Without any plastic, our solid shampoos are made to be your new committed beauty gesture for your hair ! As sensorial & efficient as a liquid shampoo this product has everything to become your new ally in your bathroom. With more than 99% biodegradable ingredients and without sulfates its formula is softer for the planet and for your hair ! 1 SOLID BAR OF 60G = UP TO 2 LIQUID SHAMPOOS OF 300ML**
3. Box For Solid Cosmetics: 
This box for solid cosmetics easily allows you to carry all your solid cosmetics everywhere.
4. Pouch

Tip : To enhance your solid product’s life cycle, we suggest you to let your product dry before putting it into the box.

*Compared to the packaging of a 400 ml shower gel.
**Depending on hair length


Reference: FD046


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