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Yves Rocher

The comfort of a sulfate-free* shower bath with the delicious scent of Spice Infusion

  • Scent : Spice Infusion
  • Texture: Gel

Its generous, enveloping foam cleanses and perfumes the skin without drying it out, thanks to a sulfate-free cleansing base.

The Recycling guide :

Place the bottle in the sorting bin with the cap on top.

Please note: caps are separated at the sorting center and then crushed. Since 2020, our bottles have been made of 100% recycled & recyclable plastic.

Every time you sort your waste, you're helping to give it a second life.

**Sulfate-free surfactant

Format : Bottle

Reference: 95393




To find out more about our commitments and our formulation, please go to #WeTellYouEverything

* Ingredients from natural origin
* Synthetic ingredients

How to use

In the shower, lather on the body. Rinse thoroughly.

To complete your care routine we recommend you to use the scrub 1 to 2 times a week as well as the daily moisturizer.

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