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Yves Rocher

This Reparing Cica-Cream moisturizes, intensely nourishes, soothes, dry irritated and fragile areas, thanks to a concentrate of organic apple.

  • Scent : apple
  • Skin type : dry, irritated and fragile
  • Texture : thick cream
  • Application area : small dry areas

Certified organic and with 99% natural ingredients, it can be used from 3 years and by the whole family.
This cream, with its thick texture and «dressing effect», soothes irritations immediately, leaves it comfortable, while respecting the balance of sensitive skin. It leaves a delicately scented veil of apple.

This product has been awarded by the label «Approved by Families», an independent French organization that rewards the best products for the family based on the quality of their consumption experience.*

Results :

96% - of respondents report that their skin is protected and nourished**
93% - of respondents say that their skin is soothed**
92% - of respondents report that tugging sensations are minimized**
92% - of respondents report that the product repairs dry areas**

How to use :

Once the skin has been cleaned and dried, apply the cica-cream locally twice a day.
To be used as needed on small, very dry areas of the hands, face and body.
For optimal effectiveness and a «dressing effect», apply in a thick layer.

To complete your Famille BIO skincare routine, discover the 24H Light Moisturizing Face Cream and the Gentle 2-in-1 Cleansing Gel for body and hair.

*Efficacy test: significant decrease in half leg and thigh on 20 volunteers of the 94% of respondents.
**16.5/20 is the average score obtained including 4.4/5 for the eco-score on the Approved by Families test panel, tests carried out in October 2022 on a panel of 100 families in France.

Ingredients from Organic Farming. 23% of the total ingredients are organically grown.
COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard.

Format : Tube

Reference: 90378

Botanical ingredient
The Organic Apple

The Organic Family range reflects the values ​​that commit us and our daily passion.

Our Botanical Cosmetics researchers are permanently exploring new plants ingredients, from the most respectful harvests, to obtain the best quality for our care products dedicated to the whole family.

The organic apple is at the heart of our formulas, appreciated for its many nutritional qualities but also for its remarkable properties for skin health.

Our experts naturally extracted all the best ingredients that are very precious for the skin : apple is rich in water, fibers, minerals and polyphenols.

Our innovative extraction technology allowed us to develop 3 distinct ingredients:
- Apple extract, particularly rich in sugars and polyphenols, to protect skin
- Apple oil, full of fatty acids, to strengthen the skin barrier
- Apple water, to maintain skin hydration durably

This unique and innovative combination ingredients from organic apples nourish, hydrate and protect all the family skins.

The Organic Apple



To find out more about our commitments and our formulation, please go to #WeTellYouEverything

* Ingredients from natural origin
* Synthetic ingredients

Frequently asked questions
At what age can you start using the products in this line?
The products in this line can be used from the age of 3. They cannot be used before this age, as they are not paediatric products.
Are these products suitable for sensitive skin?
All products are suitable for sensitive skin. They have all been tested on sensitive skin.
Do you test on animals?
In accordance with the European legislation, we do not test our products on animals. The brand got involved very early in the fight against animal testing. In 1989, Yves Rocher has taken the pioneering step in the cosmetics industry of not testing on animals, and of replacing these tests with alternative methods.
Can pregnant women use the products of this line?
There are no contraindications for these products to be used by pregnant women. However, our position for the use of this product category by pregnant women is the following one: All of the ingredients of our formulas have been tested. Nevertheless, our products have not been developed nor tested for pregnant women. Our non-rinsed products (large surface of exposition and remanence) are to be avoided during pregnancy. We recommend using products specifically formulated for pregnant women.
What is a certified organic cosmetic product by ECOCERT?
A certified organic cosmetic product (Cosmos Organic by Ecocert) follows specific rules (quality, safety, environment). A certified organic product contains a minimum of 95% of ingredients of natural origin. It does not contain any controversial ingredients such as petrochemicals, GMOs, silicones, phenoxyethanol, parabens, palm oil or nanomaterials. If any dyes and fragrances are used in the formula, then they are natural.

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