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Yves Rocher

Choose your favorite 600ml bath and shower gel eco-refill and fill your refillable bottle, containing at least 77% recycled plastic from coastal areas.

Refill up to 5 times your bottle. 


The recycling guide :

Put the bottle in the recycling bin with its pump on top.

Good to know: pumps today are difficult to recycle. We are working on this with suppliers and recyclers.

Since 2020 our plastic bottles are 100% recycled & recyclable* each time you recycle your waste, you contribute to give it a second life.
*excluding caps, pumps and solvents

Format : Recharge

Reference: 62641

Frequently asked questions

Why not glass?

Recycled plastic represents a more environmentally friendly choice than glass for this product, in part due to its lighter weight and how that impacts transportation.

Additionally, plastic was chosen for safety reasons due to the risk of breakage associated with glass, especially in potentially slippery spaces such as showers and baths.

Why a refillable plastic bottle? Why offer an empty plastic bottle?

It is not necessary to purchase the refillable bottle. You can buy the eco-refill by itself and transfer it into a reusable bottle of your choice or that you already own. However, if you do not have a suitable bottle, Yves Rocher supports you in adopting a more sustainable shower routine by offering a refillable bottle made of 77% OBP recycled plastic sourced from coastal areas and equipped with a practical pump that helps to control the quantity of product used. 


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