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Yves Rocher

​Mother’s Day : How to make them happy

Mother's Day is coming up, and it's time to pamper our beloved moms.
Are you looking for a unique, personalized or inexpensive gift? Here is our gift selection for this special occasion! Among perfume, body, makeup, all you have to do is choose the perfect gift, without forgetting to write her a nice card. 🙂

Give her a moment of pure relaxation

What could be better than a box with the luminous, bewitching scent of Bourbon Vanilla grown in the traditional way on Bourbon Island? Does your mother prefer floral scents? Choose the Meadow Flower & Heather gift set for the relaxing sensations of a walk in the Breton moors in France. Take the time to discover our different gift set scents and select the one that's right for her!
And if you're not sure, you can always create your own box set with your mother's favorite products.
mother's day

Discover Yves Rocher's Mother's Day Limited Edition: Sur La Lande

Yves Rocher is celebrating this special event with an equally special limited edition: Sur La Lande. This exclusive collection reinvents the iconic Sur La Lande fragrance in a line of beauty products that will appeal to mothers the world over.
An Enchanting Fragrance
Immerse yourself in a fresh, floral and mineral bouquet with Sur La Lande body & hair mist. Its delicate scent envelops skin and hair in an enchanting fragrance, reminiscent of the vast expanses of the Breton Landes.
Or opt for the Eau de Parfum, made with 93% of ingredients from natural origin.
A Wave of Freshness
The Sur La Lande shower gel transforms your daily shower into a moment of pure delight. Its gentle formula gently cleanses skin, leaving it delicately scented.
Soft, Moisturized Skin
The Sur La Lande hand cream intensely nourishes skin, leaving it soft, moisturized and deliciously scented. The perfect care product for soft, beautified hands.
Color & Light
To prolong your immersion in the heart of the Breton Landes, Yves Rocher invites you to discover one new makeup product:
- A palette of 9 exclusive eyeshadows to create looks from the most natural to the most intense. Shades inspired by Breton landscapes offer infinite possibilities for enhancing your eyes.
mother's day

Celebrate Mother's Day with Yves Rocher's Limited Edition Collection, Sur La Lande, a collection that captures the beauty and freshness of France's Breton Landes.

Opt for our exceptional fragrances

We often associate people with smells: is there anything more obvious than giving a perfume for Mother's Day? Our Comme Une Evidence perfume set is clear, harmonious, essential and profound, creating a sensation of absolute well-being.
It begins with the tender green emotion of lightly crinkled violet leaves.
Then rose, jasmine and lily of the valley blossom in the gentle caress of a feminine floral heart.
The whole rests on a carpet of moss and patchouli, like a soothing shadow. A sensation of sweet harmony, a very special moment.
mother's day

Our git ideas for makeup lovers

Makeup can also be the perfect gift as summer approaches. What could be better than a lipstick to add a touch of color, or a shiny eyeshadow for a luminous look? We've chosen a selection of lipsticks,eyeshadows and nail polishes in summery tones. We've also included the new Cils Miraculeux mascara, a makeup essential for all seasons.
mother's day


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