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Yves Rocher

Our Botanical expertise

OUR main principles

The most effective solutions are often found right in front of us in nature. We reveal the potential of plants for a more natural and sustainable beauty.

To ensure that our cosmetics are always more respectful of your skin and to offer highly effective products, we follow 4 strong principles:


We are inspired by what nature does best to develop effective and sustainable botanical solutions. We observe the structure of plants and the way they function in nature to draw inspiration from them and transpose their benefits to the skin.

From plant to eco extract

100% natural extraction processes that optimize naturalness and enhance the diffusion of our plant extracts into the skin.

High naturality

We are committed to creating ever more natural formulas with plant extracts from positive agriculture and with a low impact on the environment.

100% of our products are tested

To guarantee tolerance, effectiveness and sensoriality.


For more than 60 years, we have studied the best nature has to offer in order to provide you with effective and sensory care products with extracts 100% derived from plants.

Our signature plants from La Gacilly, wild Chamomile, Calendula or Cornflower, are UEBT certified (Union for Organic Ethical Trade) and are cultivated using agroecological methods to promote a positive agriculture contributing to the respect of natural resources and to the regeneration of biodiversity.



Nasturtium has been grown across Europe for a number of years for its ability to cover the soil, thus limiting water evaporation, a precious gift in the summer. Deep within the skin, Nasturtium boosts oxygenation of the skin cells to revitalize them.


Cornflower blooms every year during July and August, then is mechanically harvested, dried and distilled. The floral water obtained from this 100% natural process is used for its soothing* and protective* properties for the skin.

* In vitro tests on cornflower extracts.

Ice Plant

The Ice Plant is known for its ability to adapt to extreme conditions. The Ice Plant extract developed by Yves Rocher Researchers have demonstrated its ability to stimulate a protein that regulates the mechanisms and functions of skin cells: protection, defense and regeneration.


The Edulis plant has been selected for its ability to capture and retain water in its leaves. Its powerful moisturizing ingredient : cellular water, is obtained through an exclusive and patented extraction stage, solvent-free, to preserve the environment and the effectiveness of this active ingredient.


The Chamomille was one of the first ever plants to be harvested by the Yves Rocher brand. The flower is harvested from the month of May and is known for its soothing* and strengthening properties on sensitive skin.

*In vitro tests on Chamomile extracts


Microalgae are grown in a photobioreactor in southern Brittany, where they are then concentrated and fragmented to release their mineral-rich content. Their exceptional oxygenating* and antioxidant* properties, help stimulate the skin defenses and prevents from pollution damages.

*In vitro tests

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