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Yves Rocher

What Does Yves Rocher’s Monoï Oil Smell Like?

Get that summer feeling with Yves Rocher's Monoï de Tahiti Oil collection of fragrance and bodycare products.

What is Monoï Oil? Where does it come from?

The traditional Monoï Oil of Tahiti has its origins in ancestral beauty rituals of Tahitian women. In Polynesian culture, this oil is synonymous with care, nature, and a pleasant fragrance capable of transporting you to paradise islands where you forget all your woes. 

For more than 36 years, Yves Rocher has been responsibly sourcing Monoï Oil. Tiare flowers are plucked by hand at the bud stage to preserve their freshness. Leveraging Yves Rocher's cutting-edge research and botanical expertise, the metamorphosis of Tiare flower to Monoï oil takes place according to a precise and controlled protocol which consists of macerating them in Coprah oil (sun-dried coconut pulp) for 10 days.

The Tiare flower used in making Monoï Oil is certified and protected by a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), found only in Polynesia. This designation guarantees its authenticity, quality, and local production.

Escape with Yves Rocher's Monoï Oil product collection

Teleport instantly to a tropical island with Yves Rocher's Monoï Oil new products collection. Grab your opportunity to enjoy Monoï scent across related product categories from hair care and body care to fragrances and personal hygiene.

Want to travel to the beaches of Tahiti while singing your favorite song in the shower? It’s possible! Pick between the 200 ml and 400 ml versions of Yves Rocher's Monoï Oil Hair & Body Wash, suitable for daily use. 

The Yves Rocher Monoï Oil Hair & Body Shower Gel is formulated to reduce your water and plastic consumption, along with your carbon footprint.

concentré de monoi sur plusieurs formats yves rocher

Discover the Monoï Hair & Body Wash Refill: A Gentle Ritual for Your Skin & Hair

The Monoï Hair & Body Wash Refill is a must-have for those looking for a shower experience that is as gentle on skin as it is on the environment. Formulated without sulfates and with 94% of ingredients from natural origin, this gentle hair & body wash cleanses hair and skin delicately while respecting their natural hydration.

An Addictive Solar
Fragrance Let yourself be enveloped by its highly addictive solar fragrance that will leave a soft summer scent on your skin and hair. Each shower becomes a true moment to enjoy and relax, transporting your senses to sunny beaches and exotic landscapes.

How to Use
To use the Monoï Hair & Body Wash Refill, simply remove its cap and insert the refill into the bottle. Then let it flow on its own or, to speed up the flow, pour it by applying light pressure. Screw the pump back onto the bottle, and your hair & body wash is ready to use!

Yves Rocher's Monoï Body Scrub-In-Oil Radiant Tan

An Eco-Responsible Habit
Once the refill is empty, be sure to put it in the recycling. The cardboard contains important information and should be kept until the end of use. By choosing the Monoï Hair & Body Wash Refill, you are helping to reduce your ecological footprint while taking care of your skin.

Shower Instructions
In the shower, lather the gel on your body and hair, then rinse thoroughly. Its gentle and respectful formula is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, leaving your skin soft, hydrated, and delicately scented.

Treat yourself to a moment of softness and well-being with the Monoï Hair & Body Wash Refill, for skin and hair that are beautified, naturally.

For smooth, soft, and delicate scented skin, Yves Rocher's Monoï Body Oil boasts an enchanting scent and eliminates dead skin cells and impurities. When rinsed off, its luxurious ultra-melting texture turns into a lotion.

Want to Keep the Scent of Summer on Your Skin All Day?

Let Yves Rocher's Vague d'Été Eau de Toilette wrap you in the warmth of summer with its sun-kissed caress and fresh seawater aroma. If you love summer, you will love this.

Add an extra burst of freshness at any time using the Yves Rocher Perfumed Body Mist—made with 96% natural origin ingredients. It's designed to refresh and invigorate your senses slowly becoming an essential in your daily routine.

Monoï Oil

Our iconic Nourishing traditional oil, concentrated at 97% pure Tahitian Monoï. Perfect for the body, this oil has a Monoï scent and deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin. Since 1988, the traditional oil has cared for all skin types, passing down through generations.

Made with 97% of ingredients from natural origin, including 97.5% pure Tahitian Monoï, this oil nourishes skin while enveloping it in a highly addictive solar fragrance. Skin is immediately moisturizes, embodying a tradition of ancestral knowledge and a commitment to sustainable development in Tahiti.

Discover the Nourishing Body Milk with Pure Tahitian Monoï : A Sensory Journey for Your Skin

The Nourishing Body Milk enriched with pure Tahitian Monoï is skin care that transports you on a journey to the islands all year round, thanks to its sunny fragrance and its melting and enveloping texture. Your skin is immediately nourished and moisturized for 24 hours, it is delicately perfumed, without feeling greasy. It has a formula that is 98% of ingredients fromnatural origin, pH neutral for skin, and dermatologically tested.

Enriched Formula With Pure Tahitian Monoï
This body milk is enriched with pure Tahitian Monoï , known for its nourishing and hydrating properties. Its light and creamy texture quickly penetrates skin, leaving it soft, supple, and delicately perfumed.

How to Use
To enjoy the benefits of the Nourishing Body Milk with Pure Tahitian Monoï , take a hazelnut-sized amount of product in the palm of your hand and apply it on your entire body. Massage gently until the product is completely absorbed. Use on a daily basis for optimal skin hydration.

Yves Rocher's Monoï Body Scrub-In-Oil Radiant Tan

A Daily Ritual for Beautified Skin

This body milk is a real sensory journey that instantly transports you to distant islands. Its captivating fragrance and enveloping texture make it an ideal moisturizing and nourishing care product for daily use.

Give your skin the best of nature with the Nourishing Body Milk with Pure Tahitian Monoï , and dont' be surprised if it becomes a staple in your routine with its sunny, exotic fragrance.

Don't forget about your hands!

Treat them to nourishing care of Yves Rocher's Monoï collection. Our hand sanitizer isn’t just a practical necessity; it’s uses a vegan formula comprising 98% naturally derived ingredients, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and soft.

Complete your skincare ritual by indulging in a luxurious vegan hand cream. With 99% of its ingredients sourced from natural origins, this cream melts into your skin, providing deep moisture without leaving any residue.


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