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Yves Rocher

The triple moisturizing action of Hydra Végétal

(Re)Discover Hydra Végétal, for 48h to 100h¹ non-stop hydration thanks to our star ingredient: Edulis cellular water


Dehydrated skin is skin that lacks water. Water is essential to the skin as it ensures its suppleness, softness and tone. When it runs out, you feel discomfort, tightness and your complexion is dull. There are many causes of dehydration. There are external environmental factors such as wind, pollution and heating, but also a lack of sleep or an unbalanced diet. All skin types can be affected by dehydration under certain conditions or in certain seasons as it is a skin condition and not a skin type.

hydration yves rocher

Our botanical solution: Edulis cellular water

Integrated into the heart of the Hydra Végétal range, Edulis cellular water will :

- store water at the heart of the skin²,
- diffuse it into all the layers of the epidermis²
- limit its evaporation for continuous hydration².

The triple moisturising action of Edulis has been demonstrated by Yves Rocher Botanists and Phytochemists who were bio-inspired by this plant with a remarkable hydric mechanism.

hydration yves rocher
Its thick leaves are able to store a maximum amount of water in their cells and block it in the heart of the leaves, thus limiting evaporation. This mechanism, similar to that of skin hydration, led our Botanical Beauty Researchers to study this plant. They then developed an extract, Edulis cell water, from a 100% natural eco-extraction process of the fresh plant grown in La Gacilly.

To know more about Edulis : Edulis a Plant Containing Powerful Moisturizing.


Hydra Végétal is a line of 6 products, with up to 99% of ingredients from natural origin, without mineral oil, silicone or paraben and grown in Brittany with love.
- The 100H Non-stop Moisturizing Serum. The most concentrated product in moisturizing ingredients in the entire line, it is vegan and made of up to 99% of ingredients from natural origin. It is the first serum that stores the skin's water for 100H of hydration. An ultra-light, pleasant and sensorial liquid texture for an immediate sensation of freshness.
Immediately, skin is moisturized and continuously fresh and feels comfortable for 100h. After 1 month, skin is plumped and radiant.
- The 48H Non-Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream for skin that is immediately full of water. For 48 hours, it is intensely moisturized for a fresh, radiant complexion and plumped skin.
- The 48H Non-stop Moisturizing Rich Cream for immediately nourished and comfortable skin. For 48 hours, it is intensely moisturized and plumped for a radiant complexion.
- The Anti-fatigue Moisturizing Fresh Gel that moisturizes and illuminates the eye contour area. Puffiness appears reduced. An ultra-fresh texture that easily penetrates skin.
- The Intense Moisturizing Care product leaves skin intensely moisturized, fresh and radiant. From 1 month, skin is smoothed, luminous and plumped.

hydration yves rocher
hydration yves rocher

What's new? The Moisturizing SOS Mask

This mask provides skin with immediate hydration. Skin is replenished recharged with moisture, it is fresh, comfortable and radiant, and
dehydration lines are smoothed.
88%* of women say they feel an immediate boost of hydration.
How to use
Apply a thick layer, 1 to 2 times a week, on a clean face, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for 5 minutes, then remove excess with a cotton pad.
*Customer test on 100 volunteers over 28 days.

Our commitments

Our packaging is recyclable, eco-designed, made in France, without plastic film.  The packaging of the 50ml glass jars is made up of 41% less cardboard than a traditional packaging8.

Grown with Edulis de La Gacilly, UEBT certified, organically grown and agroecologically managed.

Find out more about our UEBT certified plants.

Did you know?

Water is essential to the skin, which is made up of 70% of it, ensuring its suppleness, softness and tone and enabling it to perform its functions correctly. Water is stored in the dermis thanks to water fixers, naturally present in the skin. It is then released by diffusion from the dermis to the epidermis according to the skin's needs. At the same time, the skin barrier plays an essential role in limiting its evaporation.

1: Clinical study based on 22 cases. Result 48H after 2 weeks of twice-daily application. Result 100H for the serum
2 : In vitro tests
3 : the percentage varies according to the product (from 88% to 99%)
4 : at Yves Rocher
5 : Clinical study on 22 cases, result 100H after application
6 : Clinical study on 22 women, result 48H after 2 weeks of twice-daily application
7 : Objectivated clinical study on 18 people, result after 2 weeks of twice daily application
8: Compared to the 50ml pack


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