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Yves Rocher

The Pleines Natures fragrance collection

A collection of Eau de Parfums inspired by nature to take you on an endless olfactory exploration.

A new fragrance referencing our land in Brittany

Sur La Lande Eau de Parfum, the new fragrance inspired by our land in Brittany, a unique place where land and ocean meet, where sea spray and flowers mix. It will enchant all those who seek out intensity and femininity. Its floral heart notes, made up of chamomile and jasmine, are elevated by a mineral facet and enveloped in wood aromas.

This fragrances has been composed by perfumer Caroline Dumur.

She describes it as "an olfactory postcard capturing the essence of the infinite and wild moorland that sculpts the Brittany landscape. An exalted land full of character, with the sea as its backdrop."

Don't wait any longer to discover all that Brittany's natural world has to offer.

Sparkling and floral notes

Be surprised by the soft notes found in the Garden Party Eau de Parfum. Perfumer Marie Salamagne wanted to capture the carefree spirit of halcyon days with a bouquet of Damask roses paired with refreshing mint leaves. Not used to floral notes? We strongly recommend changing things up, you won't regret it. 

For more intensity, we recommend Fabrice Pellegrin's Eau de Parfum Plein Soleil. With a score of 4.5/5, you'll fall in love with its feminine and elegant notes. A shimmering glimpse into nature that combines tuberose petals with ylang-ylang flowers and a ripple of sandalwood. Cardamom awakens this mesmeric floral melody with a burst of freshness.


N'aimant pas les fragrances fleuries, j'ai pourtant littéralement craqué pour cette envolée de notes fraîches et raffinées.


Reveal your sensuality

For those seeking a more sensual, powerful perfume, here's our selection.

Let's take a look at the addictive and exhilarating Eau de Parfum Cuir de Nuit by Amandine Marie. A special fragrance for many thanks to its sweet smell of sensual vanilla and strong aroma of Ivorian cocoa

An invitation to an olfactory exploration through spicy dunes, discover or rediscover the Eau de Parfum Voile d'Ocre. A unique meeting of cedarwood tinged with cinnamon and nuances of sandalwood. According to its creators, Fabrice Pellegrin and Ane Ayo, this perfume's story evokes "the infinite horizon of sand dunes, the enveloping warmth of the golden desert meets the cool freshness of the shade."

Finally, an already popular and proven perfume with a rating of 4/5, the Eau de Parfum Sable Fauve. It reveals a glowing twilight with round enveloping notes of tonka bean paired with rockrose and benzoin.


Truly, madly, deeply, I just love this fragrance!

Louve 85

It is truly stunning, lasts a long time and the notes are simply perfect!



A desire for more freshness

If you're looking for a fresher fragrance this summer or throughout the year, here are some fragrances made just for you.

The Matin Blanc Eau de Parfum created by Fabrice Pellegrin has the extraordinary power to bring back nostalgic memories.

Its subtle notes of neroli, bergamot and orange blossom leave you with a soft, comforting "cocoon" sensation.

Many of you have been won over by the freshness of Sel d'Azur Eau de Parfum. Vibrant notes of cedarwood splashed with a zest of grapefruit. Its creator Marie Salamagne describes it as "a stroll along the cliffs, under the shade of pine trees, sea spray and zesty freshness."


This fragrance takes me right back to my childhood: beautiful and sunny spring mornings



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