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Yves Rocher

How to find the perfect mascara

To enhance and beautify your eyes, mascara is a must. Discover which one is the right one for you!

To choose the perfect mascara for you, first identify your lash type. Are your lashes short, thin or straight? For each type of lash, there’s an ideal mascara to suit your needs. It’s easy: for thin lashes, choose a volumizing formula, while for short lashes, a lengthening mascara will give you the result you crave. If your lashes are straight, go directly for a curling mascara.
Lucky for you, we have 5 mascaras! All are enriched with nourishing castor oil, and cornflower water for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. So, you’re sure to find mascara that’s just right for you!
Intense Metamorphose Mascara, our star product, has it all! Extreme volume, curled, elongated lashes, 24-hour hold and no less than 88% natural ingredients... we’ve got your lash wishes covered! Its unique hourglass-shaped fiber brush is intuitive, soft and easy to use. Best of all, it coats every single lash from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye... for stunning volume, guaranteed! And, that’s not all! Our Intense Metamorphose Waterproof Mascara provides a stunning and dramatic look even underwater! Both formulas are an intense, rich black, thanks to Botanical Charcoal.
If your lashes need defined volume, choose our Volume Mascara. Its fiber brush, which coats each lash, is designed to reach upper and lower lashes for precise definition and incredible volume. Its vegan* formula, composed of 83% ingredients of natural origin, allows for repeated applications without clumping, for a natural, yet ultra-voluminous effect.
Our Length Mascara creates voluminous, lengthened and defined lashes. Its flexible cone-shaped brush allows for precise application, as it catches and coats each lash with its vegan* formula, composed of 83% ingredients of natural origin to define and lengthen your lashes.
*Product formulated without animal derivatives

An Enchanting Gaze and Beautified Lashes with the New Cils Miraculeux Mascara

If you're searching for a mascara that flawlessly provides multiplied lash effects, combining curve, length, and separation without compromising on lasting power, look no further. The brand-new Cils Miraculeux mascara is the miraculous solution for flawless lashes that last for up to 24 hours**. Reveal a beautifully radiant look with this groundbreaking product.
Long-Lasting Hold with Natural Ingredients
This mascara redefines lash beauty by offering a formula made up of 85% naturally-derived ingredients. You no longer have to sacrifice quality to achieve a striking result. With Cils miraculeux, experience an effect that's 2X* larger for an intense and magnetic gaze that lasts all day long.
Gentle Care for Sensitive Eyes
Tailored for even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, this revolutionary mascara is enriched with soothing Cornflower water. Provide your lashes with special care while enhancing your gaze, without compromising on comfort.
Innovative Brush for Separated and Defined Lashes
The curved brush of Cils miraculeux is designed to fully cover the lash line, separating and defining each lash without a hint of clumping. This cutting-edge technology adapts to all types of lashes, including the finest ones, offering a multiplied effect for your gaze in a single stroke.
In summary, the Cils miraculeux mascara is more than just a makeup product. It embodies the perfect fusion of beauty, care, and performance, granting you the key to beautify lashes and an enchanting gaze with every application. Rediscover natural beauty and transform your makeup routine with this true miracle for your lashes.
*Clinical study conducted on 21 subjects
**Clinical study conducted on 11 subjects


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