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Yves Rocher

Protect your skin from pollution!

Our skin is exposed to several external aggressions on a daily basis: UV rays, stress, pollution… Discover our tips and tricks to get a real breath of fresh air and STOP pollution before it gets to your skin!

Is pollution visible on your skin? Put a STOP to it!

Our daily lives overexpose us to stress factors like pollution, which accelerate skin aging! How? Natural aging is an unavoidable physiological process. The "youthfulness" of our genetic makeup is largely defined from birth but our lifestyles, habits and immediate environment are skin aging accelerators that increase tenfold the harmful effects of time on our organism, and more particularly on our skin.

For example, the pollution you see on the cotton pad you used during your nightly facial cleansing routine prevents skin from breathing properly. Therefore, it is essential to repair damages to your skin and to protect it in order for it to stay radiant!

3 key steps to fight pollution

1. Cleanse

For those always in a rush, go straight to the basics: start by washing your face, it’s the first beauty step! Choose the Cleansing Micellar Water that detoxifies and cleanses in a single step.


Routine nettoyage


2. Breathe

Give your skin a beauty break, there’s a series of exercises you can do in the comfort of your home. Smooth your face with the palms of your hands, and then trace a large eight around your eyes. Then, draw a pyramid shape on your forehead and apply light pressure along your eyelids. Lastly, use two fingers to gently move your eyebrows toward your forehead.


3. Repair

If you feel like that your skin lacks oxygen, looks dull and asphyxiated, the Elixir Jeunesse Essence combined with the Restructuring Day Care are a real detox treatment! Enriched witth Ahploia, a plant from Madagascar, known for its ability to repair and protect. Moreover, their formulas are mineral oil free, silicone free, paraben free and colorant free!


And, to get a deep anti-pollution treatment, make an appointment at your Yves Rocher Spa!

With its dual anti-pollution and repair action, this treatment is perfect for any skin showing signs of stress and pollution. And, just like at home, the steps are as follows: cleansing with the Botanical Peeling, well-being bubble treatment and concentrated serum with an Aphloia extract.


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