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Yves Rocher

Ready to reverse the trend ?

Discover the new Bain de Nature Eco-refill range, one of the first eco-refills made from recycled plastic, that reduces the use of plastic by 80%*and above all is completely recyclable.

A pioneer well before its time, aware of the environmental impact of its products, the Yves Rocher Brand launched its first refill in 1992.
Always looking to lead this fight, the Yves Rocher Brand is launching a real innovation in 2024, one of the first fully recyclable eco-refills on the market made with 90% recycled plastic!
The Brand intends to reverse the trend but also reverse the consumption habits and reverse the use of plastic. Plastic represents one of the major concerns for the consumer. 80% of them are actually looking for more sustainable products. Now the time has come for a reduction in packaging, conservation of resources and minimization of end-of-life waste.
An immense challenge for the cosmetics industry, which the Yves Rocher Brand intends to meet, by making its products more responsible throughout their life cycle and new eco-gestures.



Our first fully recyclable eco-refills in a new more economical 600 ml format!
All the sensoriality and pleasure of our sulfate-free bath and shower gels* with scents inspired by Nature.


To reduce the use of virgin plastic and strengthen its actions against global plastic pollution, the Yves Rocher Brand has chosen to use recycled plastic certified OBP (Ocean Bound Plastic) in its Bain de Nature eco-refills.
What is OBP plastic? It is used plastic, collected near coastal areas and defined as “at risk of ending in the ocean''. This recycled plastic is collected in India by our supplier Plastics For Change and is OBP and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.
With OBP plastic, we contribute to:
• Developping waste recycling solutions in regions where waste management is insufficient and plastic waste has a high risk of ending up in the ocean.
• Improve the social conditions of communities that live from OBP waste collection, notably for children's schooling conditions.
By choosing OBP recycled plastic for our eco-refills and our refillable bath & shower gel bottles, we reduce the use of virgin plastic by 120 tons/year.


As a committed brand, we have a major role to play in the consumption of more responsible cosmetics.
This involves pedagogy and support towards new more sustainable beauty gestures. Thanks to our 20 million customers in the world, we have the capacity to change consumption and democratize this new gesture.
Together, let’s reverse the trend.


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