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Yves Rocher

More Nature, Less Plastic

Since the beginning, we believe that there are no small gestures for building a better future. Naturalness and eco-design are the green threads of the development of our products.

REDUCE: less, but better

At Yves Rocher, packaging is reduced to what is essential. We have been working for a long time to reduce our use of plastic.

For example, our concentrated shower gels make it possible, thanks to their formulation, to take as many showers with a small 100ml bottle as with a 400ml bottle. That’s 50%* less plastic per shower, with no less enjoyment.

As for the plastic film covering our skin care and makeup products, we have come up with solutions to eliminate it. Since September 2021, a new openwork case on our skin care product lines lets us generate 40% cardboard savings, i.e., 78 tonnes over one year.

To take it further, we have also created the Green Heroes product line (solid shampoos, face care) effective concentrates, for a ZERO plastic waste alternative. And we continue our efforts a bit more every day to reduce the use of plastic by exploring reload and reuse solutions – stay tuned!

Naturalness and eco-design at Yves Rocher

RECYCLE: Nothing is lost, and everything is transformed

For our packaging, we have chosen to use recyclable materials and recycled materials whenever possible. Since 2020, all of the bottles leaving our plants have been made from 100% recycled plastic, while still being recyclable**. This represents savings of virgin plastic of over 2,700 tonnes a year***.

Today, we are going even further, by asking our countries to start an in-store collection operation in order to offer a recycling solution to consumers for our products that cannot be recycled from home. Used makeup, packaging made of glass, plastic, etc... From Mexico to Malaysia, to Tunisia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Hong Kong, or France initiatives are being implemented with local partners to manage the end of life of your products.

In France, for example, you can drop off used makeup directly at the checkout counter of your store. Our beauty advisors will take care of them for you directly, and send them to our partner, Terracycle, which will handle their recycling.

For the past two years, in Thailand, a major collection and recycling campaign for plastic bottles has been organized by 30 Yves Rocher stores. Customers can drop off their empty bottles in bins provided to that end. The containers will then be recycled into tote bags.

Wherever you are in the world, by taking part in this great collection in one of our stores, you will be making a civic gesture for a greener world. A big thanks from us and the planet as well.


We believe that, together, we can change things and move towards less waste for more nature on our beautiful planet.

*Compared to the packaging of a 400 ml shower gel.

**This does not concern: The plastic of flip-top caps, labels and pumps, for which the Group continues to work on the integration of recycled plastic. The bottles of our nail polish removers, which are not currently made of PET for compatibility reasons. Nevertheless, these bottles are still recyclable.

***According to our 2020 sales estimates.


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