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Yves Rocher

Density loss: what can be done about it?

Do you find that your hair is looking increasingly thin and tired? Discover all our tips to take care of density loss in a natural and effective way.

Understanding hair loss
In order to better understand how hair loss happens, we have to start at the beginning: the roots.
Microcirculation is essential to hair health. Found at the base of hair, it involves all the small blood vessels that allow oxygen and nutrients to reach the root.
It therefore helps to maintain and grow your hair. Any changes in this network deprive the hair of its energy and eventually cause hair loss in the long term.
When not renewed regularly, hair mass weakens and appears less dense.
density loss ritual
Recognizing hair loss
There are two types of hair loss:
Occasional or reactive hair loss
Qualified as temporary, this is hair loss that occurs suddenly. Occasional hair loss is characterized by a thinning of the hair fiber and a sudden or mass hair loss. Usually found in women, this is sporadic hair loss that is completely reversible when treated quickly with appropriate care products.
Chronic or progressive hair loss
Contrary to occasional hair loss, chronic hair loss is permanent and requires long-term treatment.
Very common in men, it is becoming more and more frequent with women. Often due to a disturbance in the life cycle of hair, it is characterized by progressive and localized thinning of the hair fiber until the hair falls out completely.
What are the causes?
Hair loss has various causes. Whether occasional or progressive, it is often linked to excess sebum secretion in addition to other factors, such as stress, fatigue or hormonal variations that have a direct impact on hair cycle, a change in season or even heredity factors such as a genetic predisposition to hair loss.
Our cells age within our body. As we age, hair starts to grow more slowly.

Our experts’ advice

Take the time to intensely massage your scalp when applying your hair products in the shower, this will activate microcirculation.

Effectively tackle density loss!
Thanks to their unique knowledge of the plant world, our Botanical Beauty Researchers have combined Organic Agave with White Lupin and Ginseng.
The secret of Tequilana Agave? Its rich fructan content, a powerful source of energy for the plant.
The Agave fructans work within the scalp, where hair draws all its strength.
Their ability to activate microcirculation(2), in combination with a scalp massage, allows for a better nourished bulb, and stronger and healthier-looking hair.
White Lupin has been selected for its high peptide content. It strengthens hair lacking vitality.
Our researchers looked into Ginseng, a medicinal plant that is highly renowned in Asia for stronger and more resistant hair fiber.
Agave Yves Rocher
Lupin and Ginseng Yves Rocher
The  DENSITY Routine, the secret to tackling thin-looking and weakened hair
Enriched with botanical ingredients, the Density routine strengthens hair and improves its density.
Discover our product line for hair that is stronger, denser and full of vitality.
(1) 2 patents issued in France
(2) In vitro tests _ Patent pending on effectiveness of agave fructans that active microcirculation, in combination with a massage.


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