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Yves Rocher

How does yoga help you stay young and beautiful?

It improves strength and focus, plus it reduces stress – there's so many things to love about yoga! It also helps tone your body and enhance a feeling of wellbeing. We’ll explain why!

A path to a beautiful you

Does yoga make you beautiful? Absolutely! No doubt about it! Your body is in motion, it heats up and blood circulates everywhere, which helps with cell renewal. You sweat and some of the toxins in your body are flushed out through your pores, which brings oxygen to your skin.

And that’s not all: you get more wrinkles when your face is tense! Yoga is known for being relaxing. It makes you unwind and fills you with positive energy. And therein lies the magic because feeling positive and calm inside also shows on your face!

So here it is in a nutshell: blood circulation + sweat + relaxation = toned skin, impurities eliminated, and undeniable serenity on your face!


Keep your body's flexibility

Yoga has a range of postures that help you stay young by maintaining your body for the long term, toning the muscles, and keeping you flexible. As your body gets older, everyday aches and pains can set in like joint and back problems and cramps. Yoga can alleviate some of this pain. Here are a few postures for keeping your body young. Palms on the floor: slowly bend forward with your head, shoulders and then the back. Move your hands as close as possible to your feet. If you're flexible enough, touch the floor with your palms! This posture increases your blood circulation. The cobra or sphinx: lie face down with your chest elevated and arms outstretched. It improves flexibility in the spine and helps relieve back problems. Downward dog: legs and arms outstretched supporting your weight on both sides with your body in a V shape. This pose gets the blood circulating in the head and stretches the spine.



Face yoga

Yoga is great for keeping the body in shape, but what about your face? There is a type of yoga that delays the appearance of and reduces expression lines. Here are some beneficial movements that tone the face muscles that are prone to sagging! Reduce forehead wrinkles: make two fists and place them in the middle of your forehead. Press down and slide your fists while gently stretching the skin on your forehead out toward the temples. Tone mouth muscles: close your mouth and fill your cheeks with air. Hold this position for five seconds, then push the air over to your right cheek. Hold for five seconds. Repeat on the left side, then the upper lip and the lower lip.

Tone cheeks and neck: push your chin forward. Put your upper lip over your lower lip. Try to smile and lift your chin to the ceiling. It's totally normal if it makes you laugh! Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Pratiqués régulièrement, les cours de yoga sont comme une cure de jouvence pour votre corps, votre esprit et votre peau, alors n'hésitez plus !


Don't wait another minute! Taking regular yoga classes is like a fountain of youth for your body, mind and skin!


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