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Yves Rocher

DIY: Advent Calendar 2017


A big branch, pine tree branches (or another plants), a glue gun and glue stick, a pruner, a pair of scissors, boxes and pouches of all sizes, masking tape, natural decoration elements (like mini pine cones, chestnuts, berries, etc., spray paint, a hole punch for the packages, regular and fancy ribbons, self-adhesive numbers + an assortment of 24 small gifts.


Find a big branch that’s solid enough to hang your packages on and stick them on top of the pine tree branches using the glue gun. You can also stick pine cones or anything else you find pretty in nature. Secure it to the wall using two small nails and regular ribbon.


Put your small gifts (all Yves Rocher, of course!) in the 24 boxes and pouches. You can find boxes in packaging stores. You can also upcycle, it’s even recommended! Choose two colors max and a bit of silver or gold for the festive side of things. You can spray paint a few boxes in order for them to have the right color.


Using the hole punch, make holes in the package and hang the string. Stick the numbers. Stick the chestnuts and pine cones with the glue gun and the berries with masking tape. Tie the boxes like mini gift packages. Hang everything on the branch.

Count them all one more time… are there 24?

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