The secret recipe for Beautifying Correcting Cream

A safe and effective treat for your skin – discover its main ingredients!

Find out our recipe for reversing the signs of aging and getting beautiful, moisturized skin with our NEW Anti-Âge Global range!

The star ingredient: Botanical Bud Nectar, a natural active ingredient that resynchronizes skin cells and kick-starts cell renewal. It's so potent that only a little is needed for it to be effective!

We’ve proven its effectiveness through in vitro tests. Cell renewal accelerates by 20% in 72 hours, which stimulates a general anti-aging process deep below and on the surface.


Ingredients of natural origin :
- Apple extract that’s rich in oligosaccharides to complement the anti-aging action
- Aphloia extract for its protective antioxidants
- Roman Chamomile flower water to soothe the skin
- A nutrition cocktail of Macadamia and Grapeseed oils, plus Illipe butter for comfort
- The power of natural glycerin, beet sugar and hyaluronic acid for moisture
- Natural esters, glycols and fatty acids to create an irresistible texture

A "spoonful" of synthetic ingredients for your safety and sensory experience (always in the perfect dose!). 
NB: Our secret recipe that contains over 95% natural ingredients is dermatologically tested.

Test it yourself and share your opinions in the comments section!


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