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Universal eyeshadow brush
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How to use:
- Take the foundation using circular movements
- Tap the brush to remove excess powder
- Apply the eyeshadow over the entire upper lid

Cleaning tips :
To prolong the shelf life of your brush, clean it regularly and let it dry on a flat surface.
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Universal Eyeshadow Brush

Shading effect, adjustable coverage.

The essential brush to perfectly shade colors!

The Universal Eyeshadow Brush is ideal for applying and shading powder eyeshadows. Its curved shape also enables you to shade eyeshadows as well as mix different colors together.

This brush is eco-designed:
- Wooden handle from sustainably managed forests
- Reusable packaging

For greater comfort during application and a longer lasting shelf life, all our brushes are made from 100% synthetic bristles.

Beauty tip : For a layered effect, apply the lightest color on the entire eyelid then blend the darkest color on the crease of the lid and the outside corner of the eye.
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