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Yves Rocher

Repair and care for dry and damaged hair

Does your hair split and break easily? You need to take extra care of it during your beauty routine. Discover how to protect your hair to help it regain its vitality, softness and shine.

Recognizing damaged hair
Hair fibers in bad condition are characterized by an alteration in their protective barrier, also known as the hydrolipidic film, leaving your hair more exposed to external aggressors and dehydration.
Hair is thus more vulnerable and the lengths become dull, coarse and brittle.
What is the hydrolipidic film?
Found on the surface of the scalp and composed of a mixture of water and sebum, it covers the scalp and hair fiber to protect them from external aggressors. Lubricating and smoothing the fiber, helps provide hair with added suppleness and shine. When the hydrolipidic film is attacked, it no longer plays an effective role as a barrier to protect against external aggressors. Deprived of sebum, the cuticles that surround and protect the center of the hair (the cortex) lift and the hair becomes dry. Hair then loses its natural protection, becomes dehydrated, dry and brittle with split ends.
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What are the causes?
Hair lengths are brittle, coarse and often split, they become weeaker and more difficult to detangle.
A damaged hair fiber is often linked to:
• The nature of your hair
• The use of hair dye and excessive bleaching
• Extended exposure to the sun without any protection
• An unsuitable haircare routine
• Repeated use of heated hair tools
Damaged, the ends of your hair split more easily, the cuticles separate and your hair becomes duller.
Our experts’ advice

Damaged hair requires a lot of attention and care. To intensely repair it, apply a leave-in product to your hair overnight. Your ends remain split and dry? Don’t forget to regularly trim the damaged parts to limit breakage. 

The right steps to take to care of your damaged hair
To prevent hair from becoming brittle and to restore its vitality, damaged hair needs an adapted routine. It is therefore essential to add care products to each step of your routine:


Sulfate-free shampoos are often recommended for sensitized hair after coloring or Brazilian hair straightening, as they gently wash the lengths and preserve the hair fiber.



In addition to your shampoo, it is highly recommended to apply a rinse-off care during your routine. A conditioner to detangle and nourish your hair without weighing it down. Or a mask to rebuild the fiber, nourish and restore strength and shine to your lengths.



An essential step to add to your routine if you regularly use heated hair tools: a heat protection product. Applied to the lengths before drying or styling, it protects them from the heat.



Use a leave-in product to deeply repair your lengths and make them easier to style. Remember to adapt the texture of your care to the nature of your hair:
- For normal hair types, use a fluid serum-type product
- For dry hair types, opt for a richer texture like leave-in balms or oils.
The restorative power of Organic Jojoba Oil
Thanks to their unique knowledge of the botanical world, our experts have selected Organic Jojoba, known for its incredibly rich oils.
Organic Jojoba Oil is a unique ingredient with restorative powers. Rich in fatty acids, such as Omega 6 and 9, it boasts a similar composition to sebum. It therefore intensely nourishes dry and brittle hair, restoring its shine and suppleness. Thanks to its rich qualities, it intensely repairs damaged hair.
jojoba oil Yves Rocher
The REPAIR Routine, the secret to tackling damaged hair
Rich in Organic Jojoba Oil, the REPAIR products provide nourishment, suppleness and shine to dry and damaged hair. Results: hair is repaired, 30 x more resistant*
*Instrumental tests on breakage resistance. Results obtained on the Repair Mask and the Botanical Balm


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