Our tips for making back to school more pleasant!

Whether your vacation just ended or it’s been over for a while, September means going back to reality for many of us. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your daily life back in order!

Sooner or later, vacation comes to an end. Your pace of life will change, along with your sleep schedule and meal times, then it’s back to stress and strain! Today we’re bringing you our advice on how to make this transition a bit easier, because once you get yourself organized, you’ll actually find it’s a super beneficial time of year.

Tip #1: expect to go through an adjustment period...

...especially for your sleep schedule! During vacation, we get into the habit of going to bed later and not setting an alarm for the morning. When transitioning back into everyday life, you need to get back into your normal rhythm. So you’re not just rolling out of bed the day you go back to work or school, you can start setting your alarm a half hour earlier around 5 days before D-day. By getting up earlier, you’ll inevitably be a bit more tired at night, and that will let you get back into the swing of things smoothly. If you have trouble falling asleep, put your phone down and read a few pages of a book.



Tip #2: take time for yourself

Vacations are the time for relaxing and disconnecting, but nothing is forcing you to get back to your normal life at full throttle. Slowly add your everyday activities back into your schedule while still taking time for yourself. Did you enjoy meditating or stretching in the morning? Why stop? Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier to allow yourself some me-time, where your phone and e-mails have no place! Afterwards, your day can finally begin.

Likewise, you should take breaks throughout the day. 

Meals are time for yourself! Try to maximize this time to digest your food without feeling rushed. Also take other breaks throughout the day to relax and refocus. 


Tip #3: stay fit even after the summer

Over the summer, we stay more or less active; but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that we’re well rested and want to stay in shape! Regular physical exercise allows your mind to be at ease, less anxious, and sharper. You’ll have more energy to burn, which will motivate you even more to stay fit, take care of yourself, and eat healthy. 

Here are just some physical activities you can perform every day: biking, running, walking, at-home exercises, or even trying out a new sport!



Tip #4: stay positive.

Don’t start off the year down in the dumps! Look back on all the good times from your vacation, how you felt in those moments, and just visualize that everything will go well. Getting back to reality has its benefits: it’s an opportunity to dive into your most audacious projects, start from scratch, see your friends again, and rediscover your favorite restaurant!


Tip #5: sort through your things

Have you ever just wanted to throw everything away? Have you ever felt too cluttered, with too many things you no longer have use for?

Living in a tidy environment with just the things you need is ultra beneficial. Decluttering your home to declutter your mind and start getting back to reality is the next step on our checklist in order to make a smooth transition. In fact, feeling cluttered may be a daily source of stress and anxiety, making you less productive.


Step 1: Start sorting through your things

Start with objects that have the smallest impact on you: those that make you ask yourself “are these actually useful?” Think about whether you’ve used them within the last 6 months, for example. If you have, then keep them; if not, sell or toss them! This may be difficult at the beginning, but once you get down to it, it’s very liberating!

Step 2: The closets

Our closets are a jumble of clothes for all seasons, so much so that we don’t know which way to turn! Pluck up the courage and get rid of what you no longer wear: donate it, sell it, or throw it away! Also consider recycling your clothing.

Step 3: The bathroom

Summer is behind us, so it’s time to toss the products we no longer need, those that are expired, and those that got too much sun! Likewise, make sure you recycle your bottles when possible.

Our last tip:

Summer vacation may be over, but that doesn’t mean you need to say farewell to your healthy glow. Get inspired with our article for a perfect Back to school look!

Share with us what are your Back to school tips!


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