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Yves Rocher

The Green Heroes, Our Eco-Friendly Products!

You’ve already heard of our concentrated products? Now it’s time to discover our solid shampoos! Together they are the Green Heroes, our super eco-friendly products.



This is Solid Stuff!

Our solid shampoos wash, foam, smell delicious and are 100% natural. Why? Because they’re enriched with100% Organic Floral Oils grown in Brittany. Available in 4 versions: purifying, nourishing, gentle and shine, they’re sulfate-free and leave your hair feeling super soft to the touch.

And that’s not all, a 60 g. solid shampoo is the equivalent to two 300 ml liquid shampoos; therefore, it’s more respectful to the environment!

How does it work? It’s simple: wet your hair, rub between with your hands or directly onto your hair. All that’s left to do is to massage its generous lather onto your scalp and rinse. Your hair will be shiny and so soft.

You’ll love this new beauty trend. All you need is the Solid Cosmetic Case to take with you on the go. And, if there’s no need for that, the case can also be used as a soap dish if you turn it upside down. Let’s hear it for practicality!



Because Every Beauty Step Can Make a Difference


For the Shower, We’re Staying CONCENTRATED!

A small amount of Concentrated Shower Gel on wet skin for the entire body, a smaller size that’s equivalent to a 400 ml bottle. With addictive scents like Mango, Raspberry, Lavender, Lotus, Olive, Pomergranate,  Vanilla or Monoi… you’ve probably already started using our Concentrated Shower Gels.

Whether travelling, in your gym bag or simply in your bathroom, this little bottle made of 100% recycled plastic turns a simple shower into an environmentally friendly gesture.

It’s also worth noting that its concentrated formula is easily biodegradable.


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