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Yves Rocher

Mireia, Fruits & Vegetable Savior

Ever since she was little, she’s been hearing that food shouldn’t be wasted but that only took on its full meaning when she went to pick up her child at school one day and noticed the amount of snacks that were thrown away.

She then started researching the subject and realized the huge amount of food wastage due to standards imposed by large-scale distribution to only sell calibrated fruits and vegetables corresponding to consumers’ beauty requirements. On the other hand, she was aware of the difficulties some people had to meet their dietary needs, she decided to take action.

She created Espigoladors, a social company that provides a link between producers and families in difficulty. The goal? To reduce food wastage by allowing families suffering from social exclusion to have access to fresh food. Food that doesn’t fit into the beauty standards of the market but is still as nutritious. And she doesn’t stop there since she wants to recreate the link between human beings and nature to share with as many people as possible a rich and diverse nature. This nature that has a lot more beautiful faces than the pretty fruits and vegetables found in our supermarkets.

There’s only one step from Barcelona to the rest of the world. So, if you too feel concerned about food wastage or if you want to find out more, visit her website.


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