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Yves Rocher

Focus on Monoï

Do you love the bewitching smell of sunshine and holidays? Good news! We tell you all about Monoï and the famous Tiaré flower!


The Tiaré flower: tradition, simplicity and authenticity

On the volcanic and limestone lands of Polynesia, the Tiaré flower blooms...
This tropical shrub, which can grow up to 4 metres high, blooms all year round, with a peak in flowering during the austral summer, from October to January.
Its flowers, usually white, smell wonderful! Its beauty has captured the hearts of the Polynesians, who have made it the symbol of the region and the emblem of Tahiti.

Monoï: an ancestral beauty care

For centuries, Polynesians have used Monoï as a beauty treatment and perfume for the whole family.
The ancestral method consisted of putting the Tiaré flower petals in direct contact with the freshly grated pulp of the ripe coconut.

A supply that respects nature and people

The Tiaré flower used in the manufacture of Monoï de Tahiti is found only in Polynesia. Monoi de Tahiti is protected by an Appellation of Origin (AO) which guarantees its authenticity, its quality and its local production.
The Tiare flower comes from sustainable agriculture: our local partner gets its supply from a dozen family producers who follow good agricultural practices such as zero pesticide, by using natural fertilizers (made from fermented fish), placing plant cover rich in legumes, reusing of macerated flowers for compost...
According to the specifications of the appellation of origin, Monoï de Tahiti is the product obtained by macerating Tiaré flowers, harvested at the bud stage, in refined copra oil, extracted from coconuts harvested at maturity in the geographical area of French Polynesia on coral soils. In addition, at least ten Tiare flowers must be macerated per litre of oil.
Because we respect nature and humankind, we are concerned to ensure our needs without neglecting our requirements. We obtain our supplies from a local partner laboratory. Yves Rocher Monoï oil is the result of ancestral know-how unique to this region and is the fruit of a sustainable production process!

How do you like to use Monoï ? Share it in comments!


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