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Yves Rocher

Detox, Vitamin, Healthy Glow… Make Your Own Smoothie!

Who wouldn’t want to have radiant skin? The key is giving your body what it needs i.e. essential elements: nutriments, vitamins and even minerals. Spotlight on our multitasking smoothies!

A handful of antioxidants for a detox treatment

Feeling light and perfectly healthy while watching your weight, what more can you ask for? Detox smoothies exist for that reason. Using a juicer, extract the best part of a cucumber, it’s very watery, a detoxifying lemon and kale, rich in antioxidants. With this winning trio, you’ll feel ready to face this new day head on!

A few vitamins to strengthen defense mechanisms

The beginning of fall has you feeling tired? Nothing beats a natural juice to fill up on vitamins to get a boost of energy! Today’s smoothie recipe? A mix of beets, rich in vitamins and flavonoids, carrots and fennel. A real treat at any time throughout the day!


SmoothieKarel Balas

Finally, a zest of beta carotene and antioxidant for a radiant complexion

Pining for your beautiful summer complexion? Fret no more! We know just what you need to get that glow back. Opt for fruits and vegetables with high beta carotene content like carrots and mangoes; add a bell pepper, powerful antioxidant, to your miracle drink! Result: radiant, healthy-looking skin


What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes? Share them with us using the #ActBeautiful!


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