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Yves Rocher

Colored hair: maintain it and restore its radiance

Maintaining a color requires special care on a daily basis to keep it shiny and bright. Discover our experts’ advice on how to take care of your colored hair.

Different types of hair dye
Whether coloring at home or in a salon, semi-permanent, full head or highlights, there are a wide variety of hair dyes. We often compare chemical dyes to natural or botanical coloring.
Chemical dyes work thanks to a chemical oxidation process. It opens hair cuticules to lock the color inside. The color will be deeply impacted and will last a longer time, but the risk of altering your hair is very high.
To preserve your hair’s health, it is often recommended to use botanical or natural dyes. This is a process that simply covers the hair with color, but only on its surface. The hair fiber is respected, but the color fades more quickly.
What risks are there for my hair?
While dyeing your hair gives it a boost, it is not without damage to your lengths. During the coloring process, the hair becomes weakened. This is because chemical dyes damage the hydrolipidic film, which serves as a protective barrier for the hair. It is then exposed to all of the external aggressors (heated hair tools, sun, pollution, etc.).
The result: your hair becomes dry, dull and brittle. On the other hand, haire-cuticules open during the coloring process to absorb the pigments. The smooth and shiny appearance of your hair will thus disappear. With time, your hair will look less shiny and silky.
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The right steps to take to preserve your color
To help your hair rebuild itself after coloring, it is essential to adopt a specific and complete care routine.


Sulfate-free shampoos are often recommended for hair that has become more fragile after coloring, as they gently wash it and preserve the hydrolipidic film of the hair fiber.
We recommend adapting your shampoo to your color.
For darker colors (black, brown, red, etc.), choose a protective and nourishing shampoo that will gently wash your hair and nourish your lengths. This way, your color will be even more vibrant.
If you have bleached or lighter hair (blond, while, gray, etc.) use a purple shampoo that is specially designed for these types of color. It will reduce unwanted highlights and restore the radiance of your hair.


As addition to your shampoo, it is highly recommended to apply a rinse-off care during your routine.

A conditioner to detangle, nourish and restore the radiance of your hair without weighing it down. Or a mask to repair color damage, protect your color and intensely nourish your hair.



An ancient recipe, rinsing vinegars are used as the last step in your hair wash routine. It is the ideal product for soft and shiny hair. The acetic acid in vinegar dissolves the limescale in the water, while its acidic pH tightens hair cuticles. Rid of all its dullness, hair recovers suppleness and shine.

Our experts’ advice

Rinse your hair with cold water. This improves shine while preserving the color.

The illuminating power of Raspberry Vinegar
Our Botanical Beauty® Researchers have selected Raspberry Vinegar to develop our Color product line.
Known for its effectiveness since ancient times, it neutralizes the limescale found in water that dulls the hair fiber every time you wash it. It thus revives the shine of dyed hair.
raspberries color yves rocher
The COLOR routine, the secret to keeping colored hair healthy
Discover our hair care products enriched in Raspberry Vinegar to restore your hair’s radiance and shine.
*Only found in the conditioner and the mask
**Instrumental tests on strands of hair.


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