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Yves Rocher

Can Monoi Oil Give You Healthy, Hydrated Hair?

In the fight against hair damage, hair oils are quickly gaining popularity. While leave-in conditioners, creams, and serums can address a number of specific hair problems, hair oil’s recent must-have status may be because of the multipurpose approach to hair repair that they offer.

But even within this category, the question remains—what’s the perfect hair oil for you?

As is often the case, the solution for new problems tangling our tresses (environmental damage, heat damage, over processing) actually lies in an old, tried-and true formula—Monoi oil.

What is Monoi Oil?

Monoi oil was originally created by Polynesian communities in Tahiti. It’s made by steeping Tahitian gardenia pistils (known as the tiaré flower) in pure extra virgin coconut oil for as long as a month.

In the process of making Monoi oil, the quality of both the tiaré flowers and the coconut oil are carefully inspected, as is the ratio of tiaré flowers to oil.

A Centuries-old Tahitian Beauty Secret

Tahitian for “scented oil,” Polynesian peoples have used Monoi oil in medicinal, religious and beauty rituals for centuries. It’s delicate, soothing scent is first on an overwhelming list of benefits for skin and hair.

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Benefits of Hair Oil for Curly Hair to Straight Hair

Monoi oil has been used for years in Tahiti to help nourish and hydrate hair for good reason. Here are just a few ways that Monoi oil can help any hair type :

Prevents Protein Loss

Coconut oil itself is known to help prevent protein loss in hair. Made primarily of lauric acid, its chemical structure is easily absorbed by the hair shaft, helping to protect hair and stop breakage.

Natural Vitamin E Boosts Hair Strength

The same is true of Monoi oil—which has the added benefit of nutrients from the tiaré flower. In particular, Monoi oil is known for having a high concentration of vitamin E and anti-oxidants, which work to protect hair against free radical and environmental damage.

Reduces Split Ends

In studies conducted by the Monoi Institute, after using Monoi oil, subjects found their hair to have fewer split ends and overall improved hair condition. Under close examination, the keratin scales of hair fibers were more compact, presenting a smooth surface. By protecting and moisturizing hair, Monoi oil helps strands become stronger and more resilient.

Reduces Frizz

On top of improving hair’s strength, an added benefit of Monoi oil is that it coats and helps to smooth the hair shaft, reducing frizz dramatically.

Locks in Moisture

Hair oil can act as an occlusive in your haircare routine—meaning it creates a barrier that seals in moisture and prevents water loss. Depending on formulation, some hair oils have ingredients that deliver both moisture and occlusive properties, while others simply seal in hydration.


How Do I Use Hair Oil?

Applying a hair oil at the end of your haircare routine is a great way to ensure that all the nourishing ingredients in your products stay within your strands, keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

How Do I Add Monoi Oil Into My Routine?

If you’re thinking about adding a hair oil into your self-care routine for the first time, it can seem intimidating at first. However, hair oil is incredibly easy to use, and can benefit all kinds of hair types. Whether you have stick straight hair (type 1A) or tightly coiled strands (type 4C) Monoi oil can add an intense boost of hydration. Plus, there are many ways to incorporate the benefits of Monoi oil into your haircare routine.

Your Monoi Oil Haircare Routine

To help you get the most Monoi oil can offer, here’s a haircare routine that prominently features this nourishing ingredient :

Step 1: Detangle Hair

While many people wait until they’re in the shower to detangle hair, this can actually increase the likelihood of breakage. To prevent this, before you hop in the shower, run a gentle brush through your hair from scalp to ends.

Step 2: Cleanse Hair

Free of sulfates, the Monoï Hair & Body Shower Gel gently cleanses both hair and skin, leaving a sun-filled scent. Work it through wet hair and let the nourishing formula (made from more than 96% natural-origin ingredients) drench your hair. As it works, it will simultaneously remove impurities from your hair without stripping moisture out. Rather, the Monoi oil infusion will help your hair retain its lustre.

Step 3: Condition Hair Using a Wide-tooth Comb

Reach for the conditioner of your choice and work it through your hair, focusing on the hair shaft. A key tip to help in distributing product evenly is to use a wide-tooth comb as you condition. If you’ve already completed step 1, this step should be easy. Since you’re less concerned with detangling knots, you can focus on ensuring every strand of hair is coated with conditioner. Once you’ve thoroughly worked in your product, rinse it out completely.

Step 4: Hydrate with Monoi Oil

While your hair is still wet, spritz Monoï Multi-Purpose Moisturizing Dry Oil – Body and Hair, focusing on the shaft and ends. Made with 99% ingredients derived from natural origin, this formula leaves a non-greasy finish, while simultaneously delivering serious hydration. Lock in all the goodness you gave your hair in the shower, and enjoy then feeling of nourished, soft hair. This versatile oil can be sprayed on both wet hair and dry hair alike. If you find that your day two or day three hair is starting to feel dry, simply spritz again and enjoy the sun-filled scent it leaves behind. If you’re looking for an oil for curly hair, this formula is particularly beneficial as it doesn’t weigh curls down.

Step 5: Spritz a Sun-filled Monoi Oil Scent

Be enveloped in the tropical scent of Tahitian beaches with Body & Hair Mist Monoï. Spritz onto freshly washed or dry hair, and let this enchanting fragrance gently linger.

Monoi oil: A Hydrating, Luxurious Ingredient for All Hair Types

Monoi oil’s benefits for hair are pretty clear. Whether you have pin-straight hair or tightly curled locks, the replenishing, strengthening properties of Monoi oil can help take your hair to the next level. And who doesn’t want that?


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