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Yves Rocher

Authentic, compassionate, ethical beauty

60 years of beauty and commitment: That's something to celebrate! For its 60th anniversary, Yves Rocher is celebrating women and beauty. (Re)discover our brand’s signature values.

I’m not justa skin type.

I believe beauty comes from the choices that I make. Inside and out.

I'm not for big promises.

Beauty products should be effective, fun and have a clear conscience. They can be vegan, and still knocks your socks off.

I do want to reduce that annoying wrinkle today, but with the most natural products that is possible to protect my skin tomorrow.

Beauty should not be about compromise. 

I'm into true beauty. The one that comes from how you acts: healthy, friendly, conscious and generous. 

And yes! I'm still unstoppable with my red lipstick on. 

I support people who make beautiful things. 

I want to be more than beautiful; I want to be a beautiful person.


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