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Yves Rocher

Is blue light harmful for your skin?

We all know about UV rays (ultra-violet) and their effects on the skin. However, we know less about their close cousin, blue light. We have all the answers.

Blue light is the light emitted by the screens on our electronic and digital devices. Some studies have shown that we are spending up to six hours in front of the screen! Naturally, scientists took an interest in this universally known light and how it affects our body.

How does blue light affect our skin?

The most well-known effects are those on the eyes and the brain. Blue light is picked up by specific ophthalmic receptors that send an awakening message to the brain. From there, problems with concentration, attention, and falling asleep arise.

The skin is also affected, as it too is equipped with light-sensitive receptors. It was recently proven that this blue light, which is concentrated in energy, can alter certain functions in the depths of the skin, leading to accelerated aging, changes at the cellular level, and changes to the DNA in the nucleus.

Combined with other intrinsic and external factors, this change in skin cell function can have an impact on the skin’s quality, such as a dull complexion, for example.

Why should you protect yourself against blue light?

Unlike UV rays, where sunburn alerts you to excessive exposure (even if some biological damage has already been done), blue light causes no effects indicating changes to the skin. It’s an invisible aggressor that, in addition to other environmental stressors, can lead to oxidative and cellular damage, which cause accelerated skin aging.

So you should protect yourself all the more!

How can you protect yourself?

The active plant ingredient in our Elixir Jeunesse range, ultra-concentrated Aphloia Extract, will protect the skin against harmful oxidative effects:

- In-depth* : both at the level of the fibroblasts, which synthesize collagen (the skin’s youth protein), and at the level of the extracellular matrix to ensure good plasticity of skin tissue.

- On the surface* : ultra-concentrated Aphloia Extract will also protect keratinocytes, which are essential for a solid skin barrier. This effect on the skin’s barrier function is crucial in helping the skin fight the harmful effects of weather and environmental pollution.

Ultra-concentrated Aphloia Extract protects and repairs the skin, allowing it to remain radiant and youthful during the intense conditions of everyday life.

*These effects have been proven, in vitro, specifically in relation to damage linked to exposure to blue light.

In a nutshell, Blue Light...

- Is invisible and its effects cannot be seen with the naked eye

- Is penetrating and powerful

- It exposure is continuously increasing

- It is now considered a daily environmental stressor, with individuals being exposed to it more than six hours per day

- Protecting the skin is essential in order to fight against environmental stress-related aging

- Ultra-concentrated Aphloia Extractprotects the skin against the harmful effects of blue light deep within the skin

So are you aware of the damage blue light can do? Are you trying to do something about it?


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