Let this Night Care work while you sleep to smooth even deep wrinkles. Upon wakening, you’ll find that your skin regained plumpness and appears firmer.

Night Plumping Care – Sérum Végétal
Wrinkles & Firmness

Ref.: 29507
1.6 fl. oz. / 50 ml Jar

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Nourish and smooth the wrinkles and fine
lines around your eyes with this anti-aging
eye cream.

Comforting Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream –
Riche Crème

Ref.: 45236
0.5 fl.oz. / 15 ml Jar

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Soothe the excessive reactions of your skin and envelop it in a veil of softness with this sensitive skin day care.

Soothing Moisturizing Cream –
Sensitive Végétal

Réf. : 79867
Pot 50 ml / 1.6 fl.oz.

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Refresh and moisturize your eye contours with this eye cream, for faded under eye bags and illuminated eyes.

Fresh Gel Undereye Bags – Hydra Végétal

Ref.: 13158
15 ml tube

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Enjoy the subtle freshness of Green Tea covering the lush green hills of Asia, stretching majestically as far as the eyes can see, in this fresh
Eau de Toilette.

Green Tea Eau de Toilette –
Un Matin au Jardin

Ref.: 17670
3.3 fl.oz. / 100 ml bottle

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Enjoy the 6 benefits of your BB Cream in 1 single application. Moisturize, smooth, protect your skin, even out your skin tone, hide imperfections and signs of fatigue, and boost the radiance of your skin.

Sublime Skin BB Cream 6 in 1

Ref.: 10915
1.6 fl. oz. / 50 ml Jar

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Give intense nourishment to your body thanks to the velvety, non-sticky formula of this Nourishing Lotion. Renewed skin is revealed: nourished, smoothed and protected.

Nourishing Lotion 3 in 1 Dry Skin

Ref.: 19912
6.7 fl.oz. / 200 ml Tube

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Discover the ultra-light, non-sticky texture of this Gloss which will gently plump your lips and make them shine for a sensual, intense or natural look.

Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss – Indian Rose

Ref.: 71279
0.33 fl.oz. / 10 ml Tube

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Enhance your hair’s natural shine by rinsing it with the delectable scent of raspberries, for naturally glowing hair.

Rinsing Vinegar

Ref.: 19428
5 fl.oz. Bottle / 150 ml

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