Sustainable sourcing
Sourcing without damaging, with respect for human beings and nature. Today, we create our products with 350 botanical supply chains from around the world. Concerned about our ecological footprint, we are committed into a continual improvement process in order to source botanical ingredients from responsible channels. For that reason, we rely on our partners, truly representative of our values in the field (Supply, Protect and Share) and we assess our raw materials according to the following crucial stakes:
A complete traceability from the natural ingredient in the country of origin to the producer. The most local sourcing possible is favoured. The botanical variety used is identified.
Commitment against deforestation through sustainably managed forests certifications for instance and also through a sustainable harvesting (guarantee the sustainability of natural resources, have an access to land law and certify the respect of human rights)
Sharing our values (example : knowledge of value chain and humans respect) is a sine qua non condition.
Finally, good farming and harvesting practices that enter into an agroecology process.