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Yves Rocher
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The Recovery Sleeping Night Care leaves skin able to breathe, plumped and looks reenergized from the first morning. After just 1 month, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced; skin is fortified and radiant.

Texture: Gel texture

Found in our Botanical Elixir, Micro-Algae and Nasturtium from Bretagne, these two patented* Breton plnt extracts revitalize and detoxify skin**. Ingredients sourced from local Bretagne-based suppliers that respect the biodiversity.

How to use: Apply every evening Take a small dose and apply across the entire face using smoothing movements from the center outwards.


Performance clinical studies: 
- Protection against polluting particles: 16% less carbon particles on 100% of subjects1
- Anti-wrinkle effect: -14% of appearance of wrinkles after 28 days on 84% of subjects2
- Instant hydration: + 63% hydration after 30 min3
- Proven glow effect: 27% glow the next morning on 80% of subjects4 
- Skin density: 10% skin density on 90% of subjects5

Performance consumer satisfaction suveys:
- 87% claim that their skin is instantly hydrated6
- 76% claim that their complexing is glowing7
- 74% claim that their skin looks regenerated and revitalized7

1.6 fl. o.z. / 50 ml Jar.

*Patent pending in France
**In vitro test
(1) Clinical study conducted on 21 women immediately after application
(2) Clinical study conducted on 16 women and 3 men after 28 days of use
(3) Clinical study conducted on 22 women
(4) Clinical study conducted on 16 women and 4 men
(5) Clinical study conducted on 15 women and 5 men after 28 days of use
(6) Satisfaction study conducted on 72 women and 32 men age 27-66 immediatly after use
(7) Satisfaction study conducted on 72 women and 32 men age 27-66 after 28 days of use

Format : Jar

Reference: 55717

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The Glow of Fortified Skin

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The Glow of Fortified Skin

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