Wrinkles and Radiance - Express Beauty Vials
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Ice Plant known as the Life Plant
Ice Plant known as the Life Plant
Native to the South African desert, it has an exceptional genetic background that allows it to adapt to a multitude of situations. Gifted with this extraordinary ability, it allows skin to better respond to its needs and stimulates its mechanism to effectively fight the appearance of wrinkles. This ultra powerful ingredient works in natural affinity with skin for proven anti-aging results.

1 min

1 min

Shake vial thoroughly. Break top, open and pour contents into palm.

Then apply to face with smoothing motions.
Use before day cream or directly under make-up.

Serum Vegetal - Wrinkles and Radiance

Wrinkles and Radiance - Express Beauty Vials

For instantly more radiant skin!

From age 30, skin becomes dull. The powerful anti-wrinkle action of the Ice Plant is combined with Oryza extract, which recreates skin’s cohesion and boosts its radiance. The Express Beauty Vials revive skin's radiance, it immediately appears tightened.
Apply its fresh and moisturizing texture when your skin is creased and your complexion is dull to revive its beauty immediately.

Result: Skin appears tightened immediately and radiance is revived .

4 x 0.05 fl.oz / 1,5 ml Vials

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