Moroccan clay mask - for face and hair - Travel Size
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Argan oil
Argan oil
Argan is a rare and precious tree. It only grows along the coast, south of Essaouïra. Ultra-resistant to the most arid climate, its kernels contain a real treasure: Argan Oil, the «liquid gold of Morocco». It is produced according to fixed rules, whose age-old secret is guarded by the Moroccan women. It is they who harvest the fruit and extract the Argan oil, using traditional methods.

Yves Rocher research has selected a 100% organic Argan oil, without pesticides nor GMO in order to preserve and respect the soil. Extra-virgin Argan Oil is pressed immediately after the fruits have been harvested, using an organic process.

Key botanicals: Organic Argan oil, Rose water, Maize extract.

Moroccan clay mask - for face and hair - Travel Size

Restore shine and softness to skin and hair

The Moroccan clay mask with organic argan oil has purifying and softening properties. Your face is cleansed and smooth, with renewed radiance. Your hair is softer and visibly healthier looking.

The Plus : the combination of purifying Moroccan clay with nourishing argan oil produces a very gentle, efficient treatment.
Travel Size! Perfect size for easy packing.

1.0 fl.oz. Tube / 30 ml

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Tube: 30 ml

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